Have you interviewed God today?
While The Prayer of Jabez continues to dominate the book bestseller lists, a different kind of "prayer" has become one of the Web's most popular sites. Jupiter Media Metrix says that Reata Strickland's Interview with God site was visited by more than 2.4 million people in June—and that number's likely to climb even higher this month. Strickland hasn't advertised the site, and it has received almost no media attention, but traffic continues to increase through word-of-mouth (Weblog has received dozens of reader encouragements to visit the site).

What kind of church is she the pastor of!?
Elsewhere online, the mighty have fallen—and fallen hard. Years ago, the American Bible Society's Houses of Worship was supposed to be an online supersite: every church in the U.S. and Canada was offered a free Web site (this was years before Beliefnet and other sites started offering the same thing). Many churches signed up, but the site itself never really caught on. The American Bible Society moved on to create the very similar ForMinistry.com, leaving the site relatively abandoned. Some churches, however, still had sites on HousesofWorship.com, and bookmarks and links continued to point to the site. The American Bible Society let the URL fall back into the public domain, and a pornography site picked it up. (Weblog will hate to be around when those pornographers get their interview with God … )

Nice try, Vatican says, but stem-cell research is still "absolutely unacceptable" "If taken very literally, the president could rule in our favor and side with the pope," Elisabeth Bresee, executive director of the Parkinson's Action Network, told The Washington Post earlier this week. She was, of course, talking ...

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