July (Web-only) 2001

Why are readers responding passionately about a simple film review?
"Hatch, Mack, and Other Prolife Politicians Promote Stem-Cell Research"
"Newsweek and The Washington Post examine the looming decision on federal funding, finding support in the unlikeliest of places."
Calvin Prof Arrested on Cocaine Charges
"While an English vicar breaks the record for longest sermon, parishioners elsewhere get in trouble for not listening"
Hong Kong Church Leaders Fear Anti-Sect Bill
French legislation may have worldwide consequences
Is Patriotism Dead?
Is Patriotism Dead?
The day that patriotism ceases, that day we will have ceased to be a people.
What Jonathan Edwards Can Teach Us About Politics
"Before Jerry Falwell and Jesse Jackson, another preacher ventured into the public square"
Watching My Daughter 'Defect'
Part of being a good Christian is being a good citizen
Spielberg and Kubrick—The Brothers Grimmer
"What Christian and mainstream critics are saying about A.I., crazy/beautiful, and Baby Boy, plus readers' video alternatives"
"Harry Potter, Evangelist"
Driver of flipped Young Life bus charged with careless driving ; school prayer ; sex education ; and other articles from media sources around the world.
"As Bush Stumps for Charitable Choice, a Reconsideration"
Is America becoming more antiabortion? And other stories from media around the world.
"Come for the Music, Stay for the Worship"
"Diversity in artists, worship and people last through 18 years of the Cornerstone Festival."
Ghosts of the Temple
"Soon after Jerusalem fell, the Roman Colosseum went up. Coincidence?"
"Give Me Your Muslims, Your Hindus, Your Eastern Orthodox, Yearning to Breathe Free"
Immigration's long-ignored effect on American religion is garnering much attention from scholars
Newsweek Discovers Christian Music About Six Years Late
"Christian entertainment is topping all kinds of charts, but is it all good news?"
The Salvation Army Under Attack Here and Abroad
Colson and Novak say Teen Challenge is still okay for funding.
Christians Remain Imprisoned in Brunei
Dozens interrogated as government investigates whether prayer program is a threat
White House to Salvation Army: No Soup for You!
"Tammy Faye at a gay pride rally, Wal-Mart and church duke it out, and other stories from media around the world."
"Seahorses, Egalitarians, and Traditional Sex-Role Reversal"
A dispatch from the Christians for Biblical Equality conference
Pope's Pilgrimage to Ukraine Prompts Warning From Orthodox
Revival of the Greek Catholic Church in Russia prompts new conflict.
Stryper Returns to Play the Festival They Always Should Have
Cornerstone Music Festival takes a look back at artists who paved the way.
A Christian 'Heavy-Metal' Band Makes Its Mark on the Secular Music Industry
Lyrics and onstage behavior distances Stryper from counterparts.
'You Cannot Serve God by Emulating Mammon!'
Steve Rabey's 1985 article and a publicity photo of the heavy metal band Stryper stirred controversy.
"First Left Behind, Then Jabez, Now The Book of Hope"
"The Washington Post keeps up its tiresome exposé on charitable choice dealings, and a misspelled headline becomes a sign of the End Times."
"Right, Wrong, and Rated 'R'"
"Is nudity a no-no? Also, what critics and readers are saying about A.I., Cats and Dogs, Kiss of the Dragon, and Scary Movie II."
Christians and Muslims at Odds Over Nigerian Constitution
Calls made to limit Shari'ah law in Northern states
Christian Held in Turkey for 'Attempting Organized Propaganda' Released
Assyrian's family says videotaping was for nostalgic purposes with no ideological content.
Why Pro-Stem-Cell Research Is Not Prolife
"Court says prayer meeting size can't be limited, balloon evangelism in North Korea, and other stories from media around the world."
Admen for Heaven
"Opening up minds is the first step to regular church attendance, Episcopal Ad Project says"
Historical Hogwash
"Two books—one new, one newly reissued—debunk false claims about the real Jesus."
Eight Christians Released From Laos Custody Following Shock Treatment
Prisoners regret renouncing faith under torture
Looking for the Soul of CBA
Nearly anything that can be said about Christian publishing is true to some extent, thanks to the industry's ever-enlarging territory.
Salvation Army's 'Call to Hate'?
Editorials and columnists continue to war against the Salvation Army.
Bishops Protest Against Moves to Legalize Euthanasia in Belgium
"Social pressures may cause the weak to feel like a burden, desire to end their life"
The War for C.S. Lewis: The Prequel
Gabriel's blessing for the Guthrie family
Human Rights Groups Criticize Beijing as Choice for 2008 Olympics
"The challenge now is to use the games to press for improvements, advocates said."
Must Christianity Include Mormonism?
"Bringing graven images back to the Protestants, abortion murder, and other stories from media sources around the world"
Christianity Finds Strength in Africa Due to Adaptability
Theologian raises question whether Africa needs American ministries as much as American ministries need Africa.
"Summer Turns Prehistoric, Pretty, and Pantheistic"
"Also, critics' responses to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Legally Blonde, The Score, and other movies."
Naked Truths
"Critics weigh in on what makes nudity in film wrong, right, and R-rated"
House Approves Charitable Choice Bill
"Hiring protections for religious organizations stays in the bill, but back-room negotiations may mean they won't stay."
Church Federation in the Netherlands Closes in on Blessing Same-Sex Unions
"Three months after country recognized gay matrimony, proposal suggests distinguishing between life unions and marriage."
Kenyan President Suggests Hanging for 'Knowingly' Infecting Others with AIDS
Church organizations criticize use of capital punishment as solution to epidemic
Missionary Pilot Reportedly Off the Hook in Investigation of Peru Plane Shooting
"Deadly church vans, more Narnia wars, and other stories from media sources around the world."
Shelling the Salvation Army
"If William Booth's church could handle sticks and stones in the 1880s, it should withstand the recent barrage of hateful words"
Bishops Worry War Crime Tribunal Will Create Martyrs
Four government ministers resign in protest of Croatia's handing over of generals.
The Distorted Story of Memoir Inc.
"There are many good autobiographies out there, but do those who write about them have to pretend they're the only books worth reading?"
Watch Your Mouth
"Church controversies in Britain and Australia focus on a dirty word, the Word of God, and whether premarital sex is really a sin."
Willow Creek Fishes In a Crowded Stream
"A pastor changes his story about his daughter's affair, and a Lewis clarification."
Serbian Religious Freedom Law Draws Fire From Protestants
Church leaders feel ignored and threatened by ministry of religion
"Government-Funded Charities Can Fire Homosexuals, Says Federal Court"
"Virginia schools' moment of silence okayed, and dozens of pastors fired for associating with Sun Myung Moon"
"Run, Run, Chomp, Chomp"
Critics sink their teeth into Jurassic Park 3 and America's Sweethearts. Plus a question about movie profanities
Web's Latest Craze is The Prayer of Reata
"Yes, the Pope really is Catholic, and other stories from media sources around the world."
Deep and Wide
"A dive into Reformation imagery yields striking new insights, while a drive-by church history overview largely disappoints."
Memorable Memoirs
"Whether telling us about the Spirit in the South or the crumbling atheism of a Chinese immigrant, these books provide windows into others' lives."
"Food for the Poor Gets Good News, Bad News from Feds"
The latest religious theme park is a 300-year-old cathedral.
Two Christian Leaders Arrested by Saudi Arabian Authorities
Jeddah campaign strikes to eliminate house churches
"Faith-Based Initiative's Real Battleground Is Local Governments, Not Senate"
"Democrats warm to legislation, but questions are raised about how much religious organizations—federally funded or not—should be regulated."
Christian Law School Dean Accused of Plagiarizing the Encyclopedia
"Incendiary Christian Coalition lawsuit takes a turn, and Egypt will retry el-Kosheh suspects"
Are These Chimps Champs or Chumps?
"Planet of the Apes has critics scratching their heads, while Jump Tomorrow may be the summer's sneakiest surprise"
Bonus: Giving a &*%$
"Christian film critics and readers weigh in on hearing no evil, and what makes language in film wrong, right, and R-rated."
Are Christians Too Hard to Depict in the Entertainment Media?
State Department will release its report on missionary plane shooting this afternoon.
"Strengthen Christian Presence In The Holy Land, Carey Pleads"
Middle-East leaders asked to help tone down violence that has killed 650 in 10 months
"Series of Mistakes, Confusion Led to Missionary's Death"
"Charitable-choice bill drops anti-discrimination section, and who are all these bio-ethicists?"
"Thrills, Chills, Architecture?"
The most exciting adventure at St. Paul's Cathedral would be a time-traveling jaunt through its history.
Pakistani Christians Fight Against 'Apartheid' in Election System
"Under rule, citizens cannot vote for candidates outside their own religious affiliation."

Top Story June 24, 2024

After Roe’s Reversal, Most Churches Still Aren’t Involved with a Local Pregnancy Center
After Roe’s Reversal, Most Churches Still Aren’t Involved with a Local Pregnancy Center
Over two years of new state-level restrictions, younger Christians, Hispanics, and megachurch attendees are more likely to say their congregation supports their community’s alternative to abortion clinics.

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