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Boston tells police to ignore gay sex at public rest areas:

  • Cops ordered to look away from public sex, what next? | Why does every gay spokesman have to be a champion for irresponsibility? Are there any who'll say the police were right in keeping rest areas free of predators, free of exhibitionists, free of anxieties for law-abiding citizens who simply wanted to be left alone? (Joe Fitzgerald, Boston Herald)
  • Public sex ruling stirs hot debate along highway | Our Supreme Judicial Court now says public sex is not illegal unless there's a good chance passers-by will see it. It's an enlightened view, it seems to me. Don't fret over what you can't see, or hear. (Margery Eagan, Boston Herald)
  • New rules alter line drawn on public sex | Massachusetts State Police will not automatically roust people meeting at roadside rest areas - even people believed to be engaging in sexual activity, according to new guidelines (The Boston Globe)
  • Cellucci: State won't allow sex in public areas | Despite police order, public sex will be prosecuted, says Massachusetts governor (The Boston Globe)
  • Cellucci vows enforcement of ban on sex at rest areas | "Public rest areas are not a place for sex, whether it's heterosexual (or) homosexual," says Massachusetts governor (Boston Herald)

Sexual ethics:

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