While mainstream movie studios spent the days after September 11 canceling violent films, producer Matt Crouch pushed ahead with the release of Megiddo: Omega Code 2.

After all, he reasoned, God "positioned this film to be the answer for a question we didn't even know would be asked."

Fifty theaters around the country disagreed, refusing to exhibit the film. "The timing wasn't appropriate and could disturb some of our patrons," said one spokesman. Another complained about the characters: "All the Muslims are bad, all the Christians are good."

Despite losing more than 20 percent of its 400 screens, the $25 million film survived, drawing $1.6 million in its first weekend. And, due to its gradual release, Megiddo showed staying power.

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Christianity Today's Film Forum found that "critical responses failed to support Crouch's claim that Megiddo is rallying 'the resiliency and determination of the American people.'"

The official site for Megiddo: Omega Code 2 offers information on the film, a chance to write in how Megiddo affected you, and merchandise.

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