November (Web-only) 2001

Lord of the Megaplex
Lord of the MegaplexSubscriber Access Only
The onscreen Fellowship of the Ring launches a new wave of Tolkienmania
Extreme Days for Megiddo
Extreme Days for MegiddoSubscriber Access Only
Film producer Matt Crouch reasons that God positioned the movie right after September 11
Young Men Gone West
Young Men Gone WestSubscriber Access Only
Are you the son of a Christian celebrity? Then you're probably working on a film
Power Punch Praise
Power Punch PraiseSubscriber Access Only
The Benjamin Gate delivers worship music to the technology-driven 21st Century
Rising to the Top
Rising to the TopSubscriber Access Only
British band Steve mixes creative praise with driving rock
Something to Talk About
Something to Talk AboutSubscriber Access Only
Nicole C. Mullen uses pumping beats, fun atmosphere to explore God's strength
Return of Kevin Max
Return of Kevin MaxSubscriber Access Only
Eclectic album outlines dc Talk veteran's existence
Discovering Islam: The Intellectual ChallengeSubscriber Access Only
There's good reason to believe that there will be staying power to the West's belated discovery of Islam.
The Pope Calls For Gestures of PeaceSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The released Shelter Now workers talk about prayer, terror, and loving Afghanistan.
Foreknowledge Debate Clouded by Political AgendaSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical Theologians differ over excluding Open Theists.
Where Are the Women?Subscriber Access Only
The Christian tradition includes few female history-writers but plenty of female history-makers.
New Tribes Mission Hears From the BurnhamsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The faith-based initiative nears passage, Franklin Graham is not apologizing, and other stories from around the world.
Government Decision To Settle Residential School Cases Upsets ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
Religious leaders complain that the settlement proposal was made without their input.
Eat, Drink, and RelaxSubscriber Access Only
Think the Pilgrims would frown on today's football-tossing, turkey-gobbling Thanksgiving festivities? Maybe not.
Let Us Be ThankfulSubscriber Access Only
What are Christian thought leaders thankful for this year?
Bush Tells America to Give ThanksSubscriber Access Only
Plus: City Journal attacks moral lethargists, New York gets a Dead Sea Scroll, and other stories from around the world.
Wary About HarrySubscriber Access Only
Is the big-screen Harry Potter as delightful as the one in the book? And should you be worried about his witchcraft? Critics and viewers respond.
Health Workers Urge Indian Churches to Join Campaign Against AIDSSubscriber Access Only
The Christian Medical Association of India fights the social stigma that accompanies the disease.
24 Cow Clones, All Normal...Subscriber Access Only
Oh yes, and a few cloned human embryos that died.
Human Cloning's 'Success'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: The return of Davey and Goliath and what really happened on Flight 587.
Doctors Under OathSubscriber Access Only
Modern medicine has misplaced its moral compass. Can Hippocrates help?
Aid Workers Urge Foreign Political Intervention in AfghanistanSubscriber Access Only
Ethnic tensions and frequent violence threaten stabilization in the country.
The Burnhams Get a Chance to SpeakSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Word goes to Warner for $84.1 million.
'Religious Hatred' on Both Sides of the PondSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Heather and Dayna go from the big house to the White House.
'Only Cellular Life'?Subscriber Access Only
Christians, leaders, and bioethics watchdogs react to the announcement that human embryos have been cloned.
Pat in Bed with ThugsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The ACLU helps Falwell, and other stories from media around the world.
Does the End Justify the Means?Subscriber Access Only
Heartless CIA superiors try to undermine Robert Redford's cool in Spy Game. Martin Lawrence travels back in time in Black Knight. And critics aren't thrilled with any of their holiday packages so far this year.
Verdict Issued in Shelter Now Trial—by MediaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: World Relief worker killed by man she helped, and other stories from around the world
Serving God with MammonSubscriber Access Only
John Wesley's wisdom for hard economic times: earn all you can, save all you can, and give all you can.
Churches Want to Drive a Stake in Transylvania's Dracula ParkSubscriber Access Only
Tourist attraction gives a false image of the country and could fuel interest in the occult, Christian leaders say.
Don't Feed 'Homeless and Junkies' at Stations, Railway Chief Tells ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
An ecumenical agency offering aid to the needy is at the center of a German Rail controversy.
Play BallSubscriber Access Only
Baseball, leisure, and worship.
Senate Committee Attacks CIA for Peruvian Missionary Plane ShootingSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Wes Craven's faith, and other stories from media around the world.
Christians Encouraged as 50,000 Dalits Leave HinduismSubscriber Access Only
Low-caste Hindus see conversion as their only escape from oppression.
Churches Reunite in Pakistan, Manhattan, and AccokeekSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Columbine's religious tile dispute, discipleship after 9/11, and other stories from media around the world.
Naming NamesSubscriber Access Only
Were the State Department's actions on international religious freedom compromised by the war on terrorism? Falls. Is Next?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: PBS's documentary on C.S. Lewis puts to rest any fears that people are trying to hide his Christianity.
Shaking Hands with ThugsSubscriber Access Only
Sometimes setting aside human rights is the way to ensure their ultimate victory.
A Bedtime Mon-StorySubscriber Access Only
What critics are saying about Monsters, Inc, The Man Who Wasn't There, The One, Life as a House, and Domestic Disturbance.
Word on the Street: Christian Music For SaleSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Relient K backs away from Abercrombie & Fitch, Raze singer pleads guilty to rape.
Remembrance of Terrorist Attack Victims Marks Russian Orthodox ShiftSubscriber Access Only
Services commemorate the dead on the 40th day after their death.
Salvation Army Extends Benefits to Domestic PartnersSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Commandos reportedly readying to free Shelter Now workers, John Ashcroft's faith, and other stories from around the world.
Law Could Curb Foreign Donations To Churches, Indian Christians WorrySubscriber Access Only
Stringent legislation is aimed at cutting off terrorist funding, but could hurt non-government organizations.
Disturbing the PeaceSubscriber Access Only
Is art always subversive when it's doing its job?
Taliban Claims Holy Duty to Postpone Shelter Now VerdictSubscriber Access Only
Is the Philippine military getting closer to freeing the Burnhams? The NCC meets—maybe for the last time, and other stories from around the world.
Salvation Army Won't Extend Benefits to Domestic Partners After AllSubscriber Access Only
The Taliban keeps a tight grip on its Christian hostages, an anthrax saint, Harry Potter, and other stories from around the world.
German Paper Says Taliban Has Released Shelter Now WorkersSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Debate on Salvation Army's benefits moves inside.
Free at Last!Subscriber Access Only
Debate on Salvation Army's benefits moves inside
Give and TakeSubscriber Access Only
What Christian critics and others are saying about Amelie, Heist, and Shallow Hal
A Christian in RamadanSubscriber Access Only
Captive Burnhams are not doing well, Billy Graham HQ moves to Charlotte, and other stories from around the world
Changes in China's Religious Policy Imminent?Subscriber Access Only
Several respected house-church leaders consulted about official registration.

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The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
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