Matt Crouch

Age: 39
Latest film: Apocalyptic prequel Megiddo: Omega Code 2
Role: Producer
Father: Paul Crouch, president of Trinity Broadcasting Network

Dallas Jenkins

Age: 25
Latest film: Football drama Hometown Legend (early 2002)
Role: Producer, actor
Father: Jerry Jenkins, author of Left Behind series (and Hometown Legend)

Frank Schaeffer

Age: 49
Latest film: Coming-of-age- in-fundamentalism comedy Portofino
Role: Screenplay writer
Father: Francis Schaeffer, "patron saint of fundamentalism" (Newsweek)

James Anderson

Age: 28
Latest film: A Kiss Before Midnight
Role: Producer (also directed Hometown Legend)
Father: Friend of celebrities Bill Anderson, president of Christian Booksellers Association

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Matt Crouch had reasoned that God positioned Megiddo just days after September 11.

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