Suspects in Murree Christian School attack reportedly confess, then commit suicide when trapped
"This is just a beginning of revenge [for] atrocities U.S. (is) committing in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, and Palestine, and we will continue attacking," said a note left by the men who attacked Murree Christian School Monday, killing six Pakistanis.

If it happens, it won't come from the three men who carried out the attack—they killed themselves on the bank of Jhelum River, near the town of Khapadar, about 25 miles from the school.

"Alarmed in the wake of Monday's terrorist attack in their neighboring area, residents of the village asked the suspects to identify themselves," reports the Pakistan newspaper Dawn. "But, they added, instead of doing so, the suspects ran towards the river and went several feet inside the water where they positioned themselves on a rock. … The suspects, speaking Urdu, had earlier been asking the villagers to let them go towards Muzaffarabad. But as the police arrived, they got panicky and suddenly took out hand-grenades from their pockets and blew themselves up."

Other news outlets offer more details. The New York Times quotes deputy police inspector Tariq Qayuum. According to the inspector, as one of the suspects took out the grenade, he said, "If you don't let us go, not only we will die but we will take your lives as well."

The Associated Press, meanwhile, quotes regional police commander Moravet Shah, who suggests the suspects were somewhat less threatening—and says they confessed to the attack on the school. "We have no enmity with Muslims," Shah quotes them as saying. "Our targets are only Americans and nonbelievers." (One wonders if anyone told them that among the six dead after the attack, ...

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