I'm offended, you're offended
There's lots of offense being traded around Napa, California. First, an art museum displayed small figurines of Pope John Paul II, nuns, and others pooping. Museum director Peggy Loar explained that the works of Spanish artist Antoni Miralda "symbolize the cycle of eating and fertilization of the earth, which is a requisite for future existence." But Catholic League president William Donohue was as furious as ever. "Artists. California. Alcohol. That's a bad mix," he said in a press release. "Now I get it: to show his appreciation of Mother Earth, Miralda had to show the pope and nuns defecating. But why couldn't he have chosen the Lone Ranger and Tonto instead? Or better yet, just Tonto and a few of his Indian buddies? Wouldn't that be a more earthy statement of the kind we're supposed to believe Miralda wants to convey?"

Now California artist Jon Howard, who is part Cherokee, is suing the Catholic League for libel, and is seeking $100 million. In court papers obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle, Howard says Donohue's remark exposed him "to hatred, contempt, ridicule and obloquy because it impugns that American Indians are Tonto (the Spanish word for stupid) and that California artists are somehow 'bad.'" Howard says he deserves $100 million for the "loss of reputation, mortification, and hurt feelings" due to the remark.

Catholic League spokesman Patrick Scully says the lawsuit is "absurd on its face." Maybe, but doesn't the whole thing just make you giggle?

Christian rumor of the day Even the wonderful urban-legend-busting site Snopes.com doesn't have this one yet. "Taco Bell has begun giving out tarot cards in their Kids Meals," warns the American Family Association. "[The tarot card promotion] ...

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