Plug pulled on Power for Living in Germany
You've probably seen TV ads for Power for Living, in which celebrities talk about how God saved them. The ads are sponsored by the evangelical DeMoss foundation, and offer to send a book explaining the Christian gospel. In Germany, however, the ads haven't been taken so well, reports The New York Times. In the first two days of the $4.5 million campaign, about 50,000 people called to order the book. But the campaign didn't last much longer than that. The German government banned the ads (a national law bars all religious ads on TV and radio).

Other stories of governments removing ads:

They paved Boxen and put up an apartment block Developers want to build six small houses in the garden of C.S. Lewis's boyhood home, but fans of the author are opposing the move. "It is not merely the fact that Lewis lived there, but his whole dramatic imagination developed there. The aspect of the house inspired the Narnia cycle," Local Assembly member Ian Adamson tells The Belfast Telegraph. "There is an attic where Jack and his brother escaped the adult world. They could see the shipyards where the Titanic was being built. The attic looks over the Holywood Hills, which many people think was more or less Narnia. … The building of houses would destroy the garden and the aspect of ...

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