Christianity Today regularly introduces you to important books. But I'd like to get people talking about books as well as reading about them. That's one purpose of this new feature.

Another purpose: when I read a thought-provoking book, I share it with friends. But until now I have shared my reactions with CT subscribers only now and then.

Beginning with our November 18, 2002, print issue, I will use this space to report about the books that get me thinking. And I intend to use our website to enhance and extend our interaction. Here you'll find more detailed versions of our print reviews and interviews, the best lines from the book we're discussing, and a message board to engage other readers in conversation. (And if you want the convenience of ordering the book online, we can accommodate you.) So let's get talking to one another about the books that stir ideas.

This month's selection: Decoding the Church: Mapping the DNA of Christ's Body by Howard A Snyder with Daniel V. Runyon.