Guadalcanal missionary hostages reportedly killed
More sad news for the Anglican Communion. Six missionaries of the Melanesian Brotherhood, part of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, are dead.

Solomon Islands warlord Harold Keke took the missionaries hostage three months ago, but reportedly killed them a day or two after the abduction. Keke is said to have killed more than 50 people so far this year, and caused more than 1,200 people to flee their homes on the western coast of Guadalcanal.

The report comes from Nick Warner, head of the 2,000-member Australian-led peacekeeping force recently dispatched to the island. Voice of America quotes Warner, who met with Keke and his men yesterday, as telling Keke "that I wanted to leave today with the Melanesian Brother hostages that I understood they were holding. I was told during that meeting that the Melanesian Brothers were dead." Warner gave no further information about how they died.

Good news
Too much bad news lately, so here's a bright spot. Remember Patrick Cubbage, who was fired from a New Jersey military cemetery for saying "God bless you" during services? He's going back to work Monday, with full back pay, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Archbishop of Canterbury summons Anglican leaders for emergency meeting
Orthodox members of the Episcopal Church USA who are upset by the church's approval of an openly homosexual bishop have had at least one of their requests granted: the heads (or Primates) of Anglican churches around the world will soon meet to address the situation.

"I am clear that the anxieties caused by recent developments have reached the point where we will need to sit down and discuss their consequences," Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the spiritual head ...

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