What is the movie Saved about? Producer Michael Stipe (lead singer of R.E.M.) told Variety it's "like those monster vampire high school kind of movies, only here the monsters are Jesus-freak teenagers."

But director Brian Dannelly told Yahoo.com, "It's not all about Christian bashing. It's about thinking before you do things." In any case, the script, about a Baptist school student who gets pregnant, was too much for Christian band The Elms, which was set to appear in the film.

"To participate in 'Saved' would've been asking us to condone and support things we're wholeheartedly against," the band said on its website, explaining its last-minute withdrawal. Christian pop star Mandy Moore still stars.

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In a Nov. 20 news entry on their website, The Elms explained their decision to turn down the Saved role. Christianity Today.com's Music Channel has an artist page for more information on the band.

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