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February 2003 2003
Volume 47, Number 2
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Cover Story

The Higher Self Gets Down To Business
An old movement appears anew—in the corporate world
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Elms Make Like a Tree
The Christian band declines a role in Saved. But what is this movie about?
Quotation Marks
Recent comments on adoration and the religiosity of men
Go Figure
The power of Jesus shows in magazine sales
The Unluckiest Church
Archaeologist predicts the future is grim for the ancient church's site
Heresy at Wheaton?
Student finds theological error in school's statement of faith
Prostitutes Sue Christians
Evangelicals are causing a loss of income in Chile's sex trade
Flash: Mother Teresa Was Human
Letters reveal the Catholic nun had doubts about God
Saving Black Babies
Abortion has cost 13 million African American lives.
Clergy ratings at lowest point ever
Survey finds low trust in the church
Local Church fights for evangelical ID card
Witness Lee group sues for $136 million over Harvest House cults article
Beach blanket rebirth
Luis Palau to take Fort Lauderdale spring break festival nationwide
Prolife as Mafia?
Supreme Court to decide if racketeering laws apply to anti-abortion activities
"John F. Walvoord, 92, longtime Dallas president, dies"
Increased seminary enrollment sevenfold ; wrote prophecy bestseller
Pakistan: Three killed in Christmas attack on church
Two men in burqas throw a bomb into a small church during worship
Yugoslavia: Divided by distrust
Kosovo's evangelicals take slow steps toward ethnic reconciliation
Evangelism Antagonism
Sharing the Good News is not a hate crime
New Life for Prolife
Abortion is no longer the ghastly growth industry it was in the 1970s and 1980s
PLUS: Utopia or Kingdom Come?
Discerning wheat from chaff in the new business spirituality
PLUS: Prosperity Consciousness
How the higher self gets into business
The Profit of God
Finding the Christian path in business
PLUS: Bad Company Corrupts
"Michael Novak, theological champion of the free market, reflects on what recent business scandals mean for church and state"
"Once you Forgive, there will be Healing"
How a martyr's widow turned her life around and won India's prestigious Gandhi harmony award
Headship with a Heart
How biblical patriarchy actually prevents abuse
Tallying Compassion
How much is a church's good work worth?
"PLUS: The Neighborhood's Last, Best Hope"
American congregations give more to society than they get from it
How to Rebuild a Country
Chet Thomas says it happens one village at a time
Wrath Control
Does restraining your anger make you sick? Not according to Jesus
What Conversion Is and Is Not
Hint: It's not just about getting people 'saved.
The Peoples are Here
Record immigration pushes Christians out of their comfort zone
"Reflections: Sex, Love, and Marriage"
Quotations to stir the heart and mind
Nigeria: Sub-Saharan Powder Keg
What you can do to help persecuted Christians in Nigeria
Heavenly Bodies
What do we gain from a bodily resurrection?
Fighting Within and Fears Without
Darrell Bock thinks theologians should have a mission
Darrell Block: ’Public-Square’ Societies Keep Us Honest
"An interview with Darrell Bock, author of Purpose-Directed Theology"
We're Rich
But why is it so hard to admit?
Openness Season
Theologians Pinnock and Boyd like to take the Bible at face value-but is that enough?
Words Well Chosen
Best Christian Writing 2002 explores diverse topics
A Refugee's Challenges
Song of Saigon offers insight on Vietnamese culture and mission work
Making a Difference
The God Who Hung on the Cross is a vibrant chronicle of an 81-year-old man's mission
A Stellar Whodunnit
Out of the Ruins follows the tradition of the finely crafted Ben Reese mystery series
Faith vs. Statistics
Beware of doing ethics by crunching numbers