Yesterday Weblog reported that Chester police were investigating Rev. Peter Forster, Bishop of Chester, for saying homosexuals can "reorientate themselves." Today, British papers report Forster will not face hate crimes charges for saying homosexuals don't have to be homosexuals. The Cheshire police investigated a complaint about the bishop's remarks but said, "The Crown Prosecution Service has been consulted at length and Cheshire police are satisfied that no criminal offence has been committed, as current public order legislation does not provide specific offences based on sexuality."

Forster had told the Chester Chronicle "Some people who are primarily homosexual can reorientate themselves. I would encourage them to consider that as an option, but I would not set myself up as a medical specialist on the subject - that's in the area of psychiatric health. We want to help them but I don't offer it as a panacea. I am about giving honor to marriage." He also emphasized "maximum tolerance" for those who "choose not to conform to matrimony." Forster did not comment after the investigation.

It looks as though the bishop did not commit a hate crime only because there are no laws prohibiting "inciting hatred" against the gay community. "Although it is illegal to incite racial hatred, there is at present no equivalent ban on inciting hatred against the lesbian and gay community," says the Chester Chronicle. Therefore Forster could not be charged with inciting hatred by saying gays can change, if they want to.

As proof of the absurdity of homosexuals changing their sexual orientation, the BBC is reporting on the many ways psychiatrists have tried to "treat" homosexuality in the past including brainwashing, electric shock aversion therapy, ...

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