November (Web-only) 2003

Johnny Cash's Song of Redemption
Johnny Cash's Song of Redemption
How the coolest man in the music industry became that way while singing about Jesus and the Cross
Gay Bishop Consecrated Despite Objections
"Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold, head of the Episcopal Church USA, led the service"
"Weblog: Communion Impaired, Not Broken, Say Conservative Anglican Primates"
Supreme Court turns down Roy Moore's Commandments appeal
Dr. Z
PBS creates a Doctor Zhivago for our time—and entirely omits the (unorthodox) Christianity that informs the novel from start to finish
Books & Culture's Books of the Week: From Dust to Dust
Soil and the future of creation
Fallow Time
The Sabbath can protect us from the temptations of wealth
Pursuing God and Community
A self-described nerd says pursuing God and community is possible through commitment
Iraq's Christian Exodus
A court orders an ex-gay Christian mother not to tell her daughter that homosexuality is wrong
Talking About Revolutions
"What religious critics are saying about The Matrix Revolutions, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Elf, Brother Bear, The Human Stain, In the Cut, Shattered Glass, Mystic River, Radio, Veronica Guerin, and the upcoming Return of the King, and DaVinci Code"
Bush Signs Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
The court battle has already begun
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Ban
A $3.4M program gets pulled from Azusa Pacific over school's statement of faith
Breaking The Da Vinci Code
So the divine Jesus and infallible Word emerged out of a fourth-century power-play? Get real.
The Gay Bishop's Global Fallout
How each of the 39 provinces in the Anglican Communion have responded to Sunday's consecration
Weblog Bonus: All Charges Dropped in ELCA Youth Retreat Rape Case
"New Hampshire priest fired for opposing gay bishop, and many other stories from online sources around the world"
Police Investigating Bishop for Saying Some Gays Can Change
Why a married woman can't cheat on her husband with another woman in New Hampshire
Books & Culture's Books of the Week: Remember Afghanistan?
Two inside reports
John Eldredge Is Wild at Heart
The author of Wild at Heart and The Sacred Romance discusses rediscovering the Gospel through a ransomed heart.
Bishop Committed No Hate Crime Saying Gays Can Change
Focus on the Family materials considered when judge ruled that a mother could not expose her daughter to anything that might be homophobic
Compassionate Capitalism
"How Christians are using fair trade to help the world's poor, missionaries, and shoppers"
Coffee That Cares
A Costa Rican church underwrites an urban outreach effort with premium coffee sales
The Messy Battle Over Federal Religious Freedom Law
"U.S. News really misses Jeff Sheler now, faith-based bill held up by Republicans, Roy Moore's ethics trial begins, and other stories from online sources around the world"
Can Elf's Jesusless Christmas Still Be Good?
"reviews of Love Actually, The Singing Detective, Anything but Love, The Matrix Revolutions, and Mystic River"
Todd Komarnicki: Producer, Director, Writer—and Believer
The producer of Elf explains how his Christian faith affects his career as a Hollywood producer, director, and writer
Season's Beatings
"Samaritan's Purse slandered again, A&W's anti-Scripture orders, and other stories from online sources around the world"
"Weblog: 'You Will Hear From Me Again,' Says Ousted Moore"
"Judge says pagans can pray at county board meetings, missionary to Cuba faces $10,000 fine, Keith Richards's spirituality, and other stories from online sources around the world"
"Thanks, Da Vinci Code"
Tbe book sends us back to Christianity's founding fathers—and the Bible we share with them
Not Just Entertainment
The RAND Corporation claims TV is teaching kids healthy views of sex. The New York Times Magazine offers a reality check
"Books & Culture's Books of the Week: Faith, Hope, and Charity in North Carolina"
New novels by Michael Morris—whose first novel, A Place Called Wiregrass, was a word-of-mouth hit—and Jan Karon, who continues her beloved Mitford saga
Churches Respond After the California Fires
The disaster provides ministry opportunities that would have been otherwise impossible
Churches Can Receive Federal Help Following Disaster
"Contrary to news reports, FEMA says churches are eligible for disaster relief loans"
Russian Orthodox Church Cuts Ties with Episcopal Church
Massachusetts high court rules in favor of gay marriage
Gordon Smith Hears the Voice of Jesus
The author of The Voice of Jesus talks about listening to God with discernment
Life after 'Mac'
"Promise Keepers names new leader, looks ahead"
The End of Traditional Marriage?
Religious activists say Massachusetts decision is monumental—and may be cause for revolt
Dispatch from Atlanta: What Fireworks?
Anxieties and attack turn to grace and truth as the Evangelical Theological Society votes on Open Theism proponents' membership
Evangelical Scholars Remove Robert Gundry for His Views on Matthew
Did Matthew embellish his work with nonhistorical additions?
"Weblog: Reinhard Bonnke, Benny Hinn, and Others Reportedly Bilked of $160M+ in Ponzi Scheme"
"Christ for All Nations board member, four others arrested"
"Film Forum: Commanders, Cartoons, and Columbine"
"The extended edition of The Two Towers arrives, while Christian film critics set sail with Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Elephant, Tupac: Resurrection, The Barbarian Invasions, previous releases Shattered G"
When Big News Is Not News
Nigerian Muslims burn down 13 churches while Chinese authorities close 125.
Good News to the Jew First
Critics of The Passion of the Christ assume the story embodies an anti-Semitic message. But does it?
Weblog: Forty Years Later, C.S. Lewis's Influence Tops JFK
Some of those articles we promised last week
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Cool Drink of Water
A poet's voice in the evangelical wilderness
Contractors Refuse to Build Abortion Clinic
Fuller Theological Seminary wins LA Times approval
Mass. Gay Marriage Without Marriage?
"13 churches in Nigeria destroyed, Chinese Christians with Bibles sent to labor camps, Vietnam outraged at EU report on religious repression"
Marriage Amendment Introduced in Senate
"Graham Staines murderers appeal, Christians like gambling, but not psychics, and Homer Simpson ministry"
Thanksgiving in the Midst of Fear
"Seriously ill in the days of the Black Plague, poet John Donne still celebrated God's goodness"
Look What The Cat in the Hat Dragged In
"Critics rate Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat, 21 Grams, Gothika, upcoming films, and Master and Commander. Dick Staub writes about the 'art' of Christian filmmaking. Plus: More Passion controversy and reader/critic responses to The Lord of the Rings: The T"
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The Miracle of the Ear
The Miracle of the Ear
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