Sounds like … previous Worship Circle projects, offering raw and intimate acoustic worship that resembles modern folk-pop and the praise songs of the '70s Jesus Movement

At a glance … though not as good as the original Worship Circle album, it's still incredible because of its original, raw, and honest approach to praising the Lord

When we talk of worship music, we all ultimately mean the same thing: music intended to glorify God. Of course, true worship goes beyond musical definition, but we all enjoy different worship albums according to our personal tastes. For example, you might not have cared for the genre until a favorite artist like Michael W. Smith, Third Day, or Newsboys released an album of worship covers. Or perhaps you prefer worship "hits," with strong production and catchy hooks, as heard on compilations like Songs 4 Worship, iWorship, or WoW Worship.

If you consider those things secondary and truly desire honest, original worship in its purest form—songs written and recorded to bring your heart in close communion with the Lord—check out the Enter the Worship Circle series, an essential piece in the modern worship revival. The first release in 1999 was a collaborative effort between members of Waterdeep and 100 Portraits (husband and wife duo Ben and Robin Pasley). Since then, the Pasleys helped start a Christian artist community in Colorado Springs called Blue Renaissance Creative Group, resulting in the release of Second Circle in 2002. Both projects have sold more than 100,000 units combined, making it one of the best-selling indie worship projects of all time. A number of songs have since been popularized by prominent Christian artists—most notably Third Day ("You Are So Good ...

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