The meeting of Anglican leaders from around the world is huge religion news, whether you're an Anglican or not. What's at stake is no less than the unity of the third-largest Christian body in the world, and whether one of America's largest mainline denominations will be disciplined by colleagues from the Global South.

Officially, we're told, there won't be any news from the meeting until Thursday afternoon. That may be so, but there's still much reporting and analysis going on. By now, you should have checked out our run-up article by Andrew Carey. But if you don't want to wait until tomorrow's dispatch and weblog to read the next 24 hours' worth of news and comment, there are several places to visit.

As Weblog has noted many times earlier, one of the best sites is Classical Anglican Net News, which has its own site for the primates' meeting. The orthodox blog, based in Canada, appraises everything from a conservative point of view (and often a biting one at that) and continually searches the net for any Anglican tidbits. Weblog will mainly be linking to articles in the mainstream press. But if you're looking for a comprehensive collection compiling everything from bloggers to denominational publications, check out CANN.

Speaking of bloggers, there are several orthodox and conservative Anglicans busy commenting this week. The two must-reads to start at are those of Kendall Harmon, canon theologian for the Diocese of South Carolina, and Christopher S. Johnson, who has one foot and nine toes out the door of the Episcopal Church USA. Another must-read online writer, who functions kind of like a blogger without links (though he engages in much more original reporting than most bloggers) is David Virtue.

Orthodox bloggers, along ...

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