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Anglican woes:

Life ethics:

  • Amendment key to abortion bill's fate | The Senate bill contains an amendment proposed by Sen. Tom Harkin, Iowa Democrat, that expresses support for Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that struck down state laws against abortion (The Washington Times)

  • Call to ease abortion pill curbs—despite five deaths | The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, backed by the Family Planning Association, has asked the Department of Health to cut the number of times a woman has to see a doctor in order to complete the procedure (The Daily Telegraph, London)

  • Deal on definition prevents abortion fight | Wasserman's language for 'live birth' lets bill pass Assembly, 95-0 (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

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  • Son's wish to die, and mother's help, stir French debate | "I Ask the Right to Die," written by Vincent Humbert, a 22-year-old French paraplegic, hit bookstores here on Thursday. Today he died, two days after his mother put an overdose of sedatives into his intravenous line (The New York Times)

  • Rock band vows to defy law with onstage assisted suicide | The leader of the rock band Hell on Earth said Monday that an onstage suicide will be conducted during a private St. Petersburg concert this weekend in defiance of a new city law designed to stop the act. (Associated Press)

  • Teenagers and abortion | A majority of Americans have reached a consensus in favor of state laws requiring parental consent before a daughter, below the voting age, goes ahead with an abortion. Yet, there are pro-choice organizations that lobby hard against parental-consent laws — and also against such federal judicial nominees who take the right of parental consent seriously (Nat Hentoff, The Washington Times)

Missionary murderer's death sentence:

  • Provocative Dara leaflets distributed | Flyer alleges racism in missionary murder verdict (Sify, India)

  • Orissa is my home state | My loss is unfathomable, but I don't harbour any bitterness towards Dara Singh and his associates (Gladys Staines, Hindustan Times, India)

  • 'Very difficult days' | Missionary killers are brought to justice, but new persecution looms for India's hated Christian minority (World)

Ten Commandments:

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