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Anglican troubles:

Christianity and Islam:

  • Firebrand church faces race hate case | Catch The Fire Ministries will be brought to legal account over their claims that Muslims want to take over Australia and deport those who refuse to convert to Islam (The Australian)

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Social justice:

Missions and ministry:

  • Russia priests head to N. Korea on mission from God | Next year, two trainee priests will open an Orthodox church in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang (Reuters)

  • Pray for stockbrokers | The Industrial Christian Fellowship, a cross-church group founded in 1877, said those in the financial sector missed out to "caring" professions, such as teachers and nurses, when it came to prayers in church (Reuters)

  • Faith healer stirs up a storm in Fiji with miracle show | So fierce is the row that when the Fiji Times questioned the credibility of German born Reverend Reinhard Bonnke, Information Minister Simione Kaitani issued a statement saying the paper was the "anti-Christ" which insulted Christianity and the 100,000 Fijians who had witnessed the miracles here (AFP)

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  • Reliant K is more than just punk | Relient K joined dozens of other Christian bands, performing their wacky, eclectic brand of Christian music to sold-out audiences all over the country (Alameda Times-Star, Calif.)

  • Praise be! Hip-hop art gets religious | Why not replace the Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus with producer-rapper Dr. Dre clutching superstar Eminem? (The Japan Times)



  • The theology of television | Television has portrayed flying nuns, angels, bishops and rabbis and now God himself. What do they say about the divine? (Beliefnet)

  • BBC accused of anti-Catholic bias | The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols said parts of the news and current affairs department of the corporation appeared to view the Catholic Church with "hostility" (BBC)

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Life ethics:


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