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February 2004
Volume 48, Number 2
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Table of Contents
Democrats seek to show that they also have faith-based values.
Denomination concerned about character and conduct of church criticism
It's a witness even the most jaded find impressive.
Prison officials may not place substantial burden on religious exercise
A profound Christian rethinking of power is overdue.
Two well-known gurus of biblical finance team up for a one-two punch on building a God-honoring financial portfolio.
If Christ has truly defeated the powers of Satan on the Cross (Col. 2:15), why do the powers of evil effectively operate in this world?
How a dying jewelry tycoon shares the pearl of great price with Panama's elite
A rock musical for a new generation tells the gospel in MTV language—for better or for worse.
Family saw prisoner injured and bound with heavy chains.
Evangelicals are gaining respect among mainstream journalists, and that would have pleased Carl Henry.
After a car accident killed his wife, mother, and daughter, Jerry Sittser was left asking, Why?
A constitutional amendment defending marriage is worth the effort.
Robert Webber urges churches to catch the spirit of the ancient model.
This series of essays finds hope among New York City lives.
Biblical storytelling conveys the realities of our faith better than almost any other form of communication.
Christians have a part to play in helping Islam adapt to democracy.
What brings evangelicals together is also what pulls us apart.
A lesson in trust from a grounded crow.
Protestants disillusioned with Good Friday Agreement.
Quotations to stir heart and mind
A medical journey on the Rio Negro in Brazil's Amazon Basin
The author of Bowling Alone discovers Evangelicals can be trusted at the civic table.
Recent deaths, promotions, and other tidbits from the religion world.
Robertson McQuilkin reflects on his wife's long battle with Alzheimer's.
Violators of new law to be punished by fines or corrective labor.
Big Idea primes itself for recovery with a new owner.
Evangelicals try to reach Mormons with respect - and hard science.
Three million Colombians are displaced, with few prospects.
Condoms and abstinence can both play a role in AIDS prevention.
James Meeks is pastor of one of Chicago's larges churches and stat representative of the city's five poorest districts. And that's just part of his ministry.
Evangelicals have become major players in American culture, and that may be their biggest problem.
Why my husband finally refused to end my life during my two-month coma.
Hope for Colombia dwells inside its most lethal killing field - Bellavista Prison.
What exactly does courage look like in an age of abortion?
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‘Little Girls Need Their Daddy’
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