Nine publications from Christianity Today International won a total of 32 awards at the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) Higher Goal Awards, held in Minneapolis, Minn. last week. Christianity Today's "The Positive Prophet," Online Managing Editor Ted Olsen's profile of Tony Campolo, took first place in the Personality Article category. "The author finds that rare place between critic and cheerleader, and helps us better understand one of the most influential Christians of our times," the judge said.

"A Distorted Predestination," by John Wilson, also earned an award in the Critical Review category for its critique of If Grace Is True. "Wilson's personalized intro does a great job of leading the reader into understanding why, on some level, he wants to emphasize with the book's argument yet feels he has to retreat toward the traditional view on universalism after all," the judge said.

"'Jesusy' Anne Lamott," by Agnieszka Tennant, won an award for interview article. The article introduced readers to "born again paradox," author and Christian, Anne Lamott. "You've captured the goodness of Anne Lamott … You've portrayed her honestly and objectively," the judge said.

"Biblical Archaeology's Dusty Little Secret" by Gordon Govier, received an award for its reporting of the James bone box controversy, while earned an award of merit.

Other CTI first place awards went to Marriage Partnership's "To Neglect Is Divine," by Christianity Today Managing Editor Mark Galli and "Happily Even After," Leadership's "My Big Fat Greek Church Family," and Books & Culture's "Daddy Long Legs."

Douglas LeBlanc, former Christianity Today associate editor, won best column at the Associated Church Press convention for "Loving the Questions," ...

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