Editor's note: For the whole month of October, Christian music icons Michael W. Smith and Steve Taylor and a bunch of other colleagues were running around Nashville with a bunch of cameras and sound equipment. A new music video? Nope. They're making a movie, starring Smith and directed by Taylor. In the film, called The Second Chance, Smith plays a music star (duh!) who's a bit too comfortable in his white, suburban megachurch. Newcomer Jeff Carr plays an African-American who ministers to gangs, teen mothers and drug addicts through an urban ministry called Second Chance. When these two men are thrown together in a tough neighborhood and forced to work side by side, Smith's character discovers there is no boundary between the streets and the sanctuary. Can these two guys overcome their prejudices to give themselves—and a struggling urban church—a second chance? The film is slated for a Fall 2005 release.

When Christianity Today Movies was invited to the set during filming in Nashville, we sent veteran writer Merrill Farnsworth, who just happens to be a good friend of Smith's and Taylor's, so it was a good fit.

Driving down Jefferson Street toward the river, I didn't have much of a problem finding the spot.

Two catering tents and a production crew—very white in both cases—stood out amid the fenced-in junkyard, the apartments with bars over the windows, and a tiny barbershop across the street. Two men in headsets direct me to a parking space. You can tell they're not from around here.

I park, then walk toward the God Almighty Restaurant, where I spot a circle of African-American men and women seated in folding chairs. They're laughing, talking slow and easy, like folks who've known each other for a while. ...

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