November (Web-only) 2004

Is Nicolas Cage a National Treasure?Subscriber Access Only
Christian film critics review National Treasure, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The Machinist, and more reviews of Kinsey, Finding Neverland, Sideways, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Woman, Thou Art Loosed, After the Sunset, and Seed of Chucky.
Kinsey Repugnant; Neverland InspiringSubscriber Access Only
Kinsey covers up criminal behavior; Finding Neverland fancies fantasy; Bridget Jones is "bad," After the Sunset is "awful," and Seed of Chucky is "repellent." Plus, more reviews of The Incredibles, The Polar Express, and Sideways.
Express Route to Incredible Family EntertainmentSubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics celebrate The Incredibles and ride on The Polar Express, while also reviewing Alfie, Sideways, and Undertow. Plus, more reviews of Birth, Head in the Clouds, and Ray.
Ray Rocks the House, Foxx Aims for OscarSubscriber Access Only
Critics rave for Ray, but slice up Saw. Plus, Birth, Around the Bend, and more reviews of Primer and Woman, Thou Art Loosed.
Luther, Luther, Luther!Subscriber Access Only
Comparing three cinematic versions of the life of the great Reformer, including the 2003 edition, which releases to video today.
A Very Long EngagementSubscriber Access Only
AlexanderSubscriber Access Only
Finding NeverlandSubscriber Access Only
National TreasureSubscriber Access Only
The SpongeBob SquarePants MovieSubscriber Access Only
Statement of FaithSubscriber Access Only
Buddy Miller has hinted at his Christian faith on previous albums, but with his latest release, Universal United House of Prayer, he figured the time was right to let it all hang out.
After the SunsetSubscriber Access Only
Bridget Jones: The Edge of ReasonSubscriber Access Only
KinseySubscriber Access Only
The Polar ExpressSubscriber Access Only
Black History ClassicsSubscriber Access Only
In recognition of Black History Month, several classics are being released on DVD for the first time—joined by a few newer additions to the ever-growing catalogue of African-American cinema.
AlfieSubscriber Access Only
The IncrediblesSubscriber Access Only
From Doubt to BeliefSubscriber Access Only
The Polar Express is the story of a doubting boy's journey to rediscovering childlike belief. It's also the story of screenwriter Bill Broyles, from the horrors of Viet Nam to the wide-eyed wonders Christmas.
<em>Christianity Today</em> News Briefs
Christianity Today News BriefsSubscriber Access Only
Campus evangelism at New Orleans, Passion sales, the ark hunt fails, and the persecution watch.
Rubber Sharks and Real Kids
Rubber Sharks and Real KidsSubscriber Access Only
Ted Baehr tells parents to use common sense and cognitive development theory.
Religious Leaders Frustrated that Poverty Goes Unnoticed in ElectionSubscriber Access Only
The least of these are the least discussed this campaign season.
IRS Investigating 20 Churches, 40 Other Non-Profits for Illegal CampaigningSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Terri Schiavo will be fed indefinitely, Buttiglione withdraws, and many other stories from online sources around the world.
The Prayers of a Self-Governing PeopleSubscriber Access Only
A psalm for Election Day.
Separation of Church and StoreSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Bulldozing a church, murdering an atheist, Britain's designer babies, and apparently today is Election Day.
Response to 'Unintelligent Debate'Subscriber Access Only
John Wilson responds to readers
'Moral Values' Carry Bush to VictorySubscriber Access Only
Moral issues bigger priority for voters than economy, terrorism, or war in Iraq. Nearly a quarter of voters identify themselves as evangelical/born-again.
Weblog Bonus: 'Bush Gets Mandate for Theocracy'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Church of England's women bishops plan revealed, spanking ban defeated, and other stories from online sources around the world.
'Moral Values' Tops Voters' Concerns—But What Does It Mean?Subscriber Access Only
Sexual morality probably trumped social justice concerns, say observers.
Evangelicals' Political Power: From Question Mark to Exclamation MarkSubscriber Access Only
Activists say same-sex marriage ban, abortion limits, and judicial appointments top agenda.
Episcopal Priests Repent of DruidismSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The shortest political honeymoon ever, Bush on America's religious divide, and other stories from online sources around the world.
How to Pray for Our TroopsSubscriber Access Only
This Veteran's Day, let's commend our men and women of the services to the God who brings good even from the most evil circumstances.
Reports of the RevivalSubscriber Access Only
The Confederate camp became a school of Christ.
Learning to Love MosesSubscriber Access Only
The difference between meaning and truth.
Reaching the LightSubscriber Access Only
A review of On Broken Legs: A Shattered Life, a Search for God, a Miracle That Met Me in a Cave in Assisi.
Ultra Mega Weblog: Five Churches Attacked in NetherlandsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Links to more than 422 (really!) other news articles and opinion pieces, including some not about how stupid evangelicals are.
Do the Wages of Sin Apply After Conversion?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Religious conservatives love Gonzalez as AG, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Arafat Seen As Hero and TerroristSubscriber Access Only
Yasser Arafat's death leaves many Christians with hope for future peace negotiations, but others fear chaos.
Harder Numbers on 'Values Voters'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: More Christians react to Arafat's death, abortion debates in Australia and Kenya, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Now That You've Got Political Power, What Are You Going to Do with It?Subscriber Access Only
History offers warning and hope for our modern-day Christian populism.
Ravi Zacharias, Rich Mouw Speak in Mormon TabernacleSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Couple attempts to sacrifice children at church altar, the new head of the Catholic bishops' conference, a focus on Dobson, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Autumn BooksSubscriber Access Only
Some that stand out in this season's plenty.
Catholic Bishops Embrace Ecumenical Group, Reject Bible MeasureSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The most inaccurate Christmas song ever, protecting kids from their evil, murderous parents, and other stories from online sources around the world.
What Makes 'Christian Ministries' Christian?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Politicians' wafer watch continues without Kerry, Netherlands considers a blasphemy law, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Billy's Back in L.A.Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Specter gets okayed, Peace accord for Sudan, Senate looks at porn addiction, U.N. won't ban cloning, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Eat, Drink, and RelaxSubscriber Access Only
Think the Pilgrims would frown on today's football-tossing, turkey-gobbling Thanksgiving festivities? Maybe not.
Budget Bill Includes Protection for ProlifersSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Religion hate crime statistics, and other stories from online sources from around the world.
Racially Diverse Faith Coalitions Oppose Gay Marriage, Tackle Other IssuesSubscriber Access Only
Invigorated by the election, African-American and Hispanic leaders are reaching out on a range of political fronts.
Single (Issue) MindedSubscriber Access Only
World's Joel Belz criticizes Christianity Today for an editorial we never published—and never would.
A Third Way with Stem CellsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Creation vs. evolution, William Tyndale College closes, 10 questions with Billy Graham, World Vision pulls out of Iraq, Christians protest Kinsey film, and more articles from online sources around the world.
Were the Darwinists Wrong?Subscriber Access Only
National Geographic stacks the deck.
Pop Love for a War-Torn WorldSubscriber Access Only
Atomic Bomb is classic U2, with a prescription for healing the world.
Scalia Says State Should Not Be Neutral to ReligionSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Flying Anglican bishops, Kristof at it again, clergy in Canada turn to the union, the Air Force and Christianity, Thanksgiving ministry, and more articles from online sources around the world.
A Modest Step Toward UnitySubscriber Access Only
Richard John Neuhaus on the Catholic bishops' decision to join Christian Churches Together.
Shaken Up by the Peace-LoversSubscriber Access Only
A trip through Pennsylvania's Lancaster County.
Communicating CommunicationSubscriber Access Only
A roundup from the National Communication Association's annual convention.
'If Evangelicals Elected a Pope … 'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Another Dutch evil, banning the Declaration of Independence, gay Methodist trial, Rowan Williams's warnings, and more than 370 other stories from online sources around the world.
The Story Behind the TV Networks' UCC Ad 'Ban'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Ethical embryonic stem-cell research? And other stories from online sources around the world.
Lesbian Methodist Minister DefrockedSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Denver keeps Christmas, pro-life Democrats push for comeback, Adventist leaders die in plane crash, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Pharaoh's Firstborn, Proof of the Plagues?Subscriber Access Only
The Discovery Channel's Rameses: Wrath of God or Man? seeks to determine if God really killed Pharaoh's oldest son.
Advent: Close Encounters of a Liturgical Kind
Advent: Close Encounters of a Liturgical KindSubscriber Access Only
'Tis the season when even the free-ranging revivalist pulls up a chair to the table of historic liturgy.
On Location at the God Almighty RestaurantSubscriber Access Only
Michael W. Smith and Steve Taylor are making a feature-length movie about cross-cultural ministry, right in one's own backyard. We visited them on the set recently in Nashville to get the scoop.
OneSubscriber Access Only

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Want to Love Your Neighbor? Start By Fighting Your Own Sin.
Want to Love Your Neighbor? Start By Fighting Your Own Sin.
When we “make every effort to be holy,” it works toward the common good.