Late last week, we posted an article in which the Christian filmmakers behind End of the Spear explained their decision to hire a gay actor to play the role of a Christian missionary and one of the heroes of the faith.

Chad Allen, a practicing homosexual, plays the parts of Nate Saint—one of five missionaries martyred in the jungles of Ecuador in 1956—and Nate's son Steve, who was only five years old when his father was killed by Waodani tribesmen. End of the Spear tells that story, and more.

Every Tribe Entertainment's Mart Green, an executive producer of the film, and Steve Saint, a consultant on the project, told Christianity Today Movies that they didn't know that Allen was gay until after they had offered him the job. They then decided that it would be a bad Christian witness to rescind the offer, so they kept Allen on the job. The film had a solid opening weekend, finishing in the top 10 at the box office.

We asked readers what they thought of Every Tribe's decision to retain Allen after they learned about his lifestyle, and we received over 150 e-mails in reply—the vast majority of them positive, lauding the studio's decision. A sampling of those reader responses follows, starting with the positive replies, followed by the negative ones.

Some of the positive reactions …

I am glad they stuck to their commitment. There has been far too much nastiness and meanness toward homosexual people from the Christian community. What an opportunity to demonstrate mature Christian love!

Mary Mueller

The producers did the right thing. "Your word is your bond" is a good motto to live by. As a long-time producer of Christian films, I was criticized for using professional actors that were not Christian. But they conveyed ...

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