February (Web-only) 2006

Second Chance, First Movie for Smith, TaylorSubscriber Access Only
Two famous Christian musicians have collaborated on The Second Chance. What do Christian film critics think? Plus, reviews of Freedomland, Eight Below, and Date Movie, with more reviews of Curious George, Firewall, and The Pink Panther.
Bankers, Monkeys, & Panthers ...Oh Why?Subscriber Access Only
Firewall collapses on the audience, Curious George intrigues young kids, The Pink Panther falls short of its inspiration, Final Destination 3 isn't final enough, and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada wins a rave.
When a Stranger Tops the Box OfficeSubscriber Access Only
When a Stranger Calls not so scary, A Good Woman not so good, Something New not so new. Plus, more reviews of The New World and Nanny McPhee.
Emma Thompson and Martin Lawrence ...Super Nannies?Subscriber Access Only
Christian film critics dismiss Nanny McPhee, tear down Big Momma's House 2, punch out Annapolis, and offer more reviews of The New World and End of the Spear.
Divine Comedy at the CineplexSubscriber Access Only
We all love movies that make us laugh, even in the worst of times—and from Annie Hall to Blazing Saddles to The Big Lebowski, there's good theology behind that.
Epochal Event: What God Did in KoreaSubscriber Access Only
Billy Graham's 1973 Seoul Crusade drew the largest Christian gathering at the time.
Three More Nigerian Cities Burn in Muslim-Christian ViolenceSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Silver Ring Thing loses federal funding, IRS issues report on tax-exempt politicking, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Revival FireSubscriber Access Only
Christian colleges are among the few places left where traditional revival occurs, and Asbury is the most recent example.
Tyler Perry's Madea's Family ReunionSubscriber Access Only
100+ Dead After Anti-Muslim RiotsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: South Dakota's expansive anti-abortion bill, mandatory abortions proposed in Netherlands, WCC head attacks megachurches, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Heavy MedalSubscriber Access Only
At the Olympics, if you don't medal, you certainly must be a loser.
Tea SympathySubscriber Access Only
A small sect's Supreme Court victory thrills religious liberty groups, who see a bright future in the Roberts court.
Nigeria's Christians RetaliateSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Partial-birth abortion and religious freedom at Supreme Court, Episcopal Church considers a second gay bishop, Thomas Nelson goes private, and other stories from online sources around the world.
The Pursuit of EnhancementSubscriber Access Only
The latest from Brave New Britain.
Muslim Riots Move from Anti-Europe to Anti-ChristianSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The post-Katrina church, the ultimate church gym, N.C. GOP wants church directories, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Clueless No MoreSubscriber Access Only
Amateur filmmakers Heather Whinna and Vickie Hunter were fairly clueless about Christian rock music, but that didn't keep them from making a stirring documentary about the scene.
Britain's Chief Rabbi Warns of Broken 'Jewish-Christian Relations'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: The good news from Alabama's church arsons, happy Christians, Dobson gets defensive, and other stories from online sources around the world.
For Sentimental ReasonsSubscriber Access Only
How the emotional stories of Christian preachers and writers shaped a movement.
Poaching EggsSubscriber Access Only
The latest sad story from the Korean soap opera—and a lack of Talent in Missouri.
Eight BelowSubscriber Access Only
FreedomlandSubscriber Access Only
Night WatchSubscriber Access Only
The Second ChanceSubscriber Access Only
Sophie Scholl: The Final DaysSubscriber Access Only
The Church of KatrinaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: A reprieve for Burleson, a church's controversial deer hunt, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Ohio Strikes a Blow Against 'Investigation and Analysis'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Wal-Mart's Plan B for Plan B, a dispute over faith-based funding numbers, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Opening Ceremony BluesSubscriber Access Only
The Olympics is symbolic, but not of world peace.
One Way, Many ViewsSubscriber Access Only
What we believe about the Bible says a lot about how we interact with other faiths.
Why Evangelical Leaders Aren't Joining Muslim ProtestsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: "Evolution Sunday," crumbling black churches, India's anti-missionary rally, Indiana's "life begins at conception" bill, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Passionately AmbivalentSubscriber Access Only
Christians in the art world.
A St. Valentine Martyr ComplexSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Arrest in Ala. church arson (but not those arsons), Muslim protesters attack Christian school in Pakistan, and other stories from online sources around the world.
A Black & White MovieSubscriber Access Only
What happens when a rich, white megachurch meets a poor, African-American, inner-city congregation? The Second Chance, opening in theaters this week, takes a look.
Readers Pick NarniaSubscriber Access Only
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is far and away the No. 1 choice in our second annual Readers' Choice Awards.
Budget BattleSubscriber Access Only
Christian leaders debate government's responsibility for the poor.
Going Live with LivSubscriber Access Only
Livingston Taylor doesn't mind living in the shadow of big brother James; he embraces it. Here, the folk singer talks about James, Carly Simon, songwriting, and things of faith.
Evangelical Groups Praise New Air Force RulesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Turkey's anti-Catholic violence, John Piper on the riots, Jesus existence case tossed, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Blessing the Church with its HistorySubscriber Access Only
Douglas Sweeney argues for an evangelical movement that welcomes diversity and repents of its blind spots.
Curious GeorgeSubscriber Access Only
FirewallSubscriber Access Only
The Pink PantherSubscriber Access Only
What Makes the Gospel Good News?Subscriber Access Only
Personal salvation is nice, but delighting in God is better.
Evangelical Statement Gets Globally Warm ReceptionSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Air Force issues new guidelines as NAE wants in on lawsuit, Church of England debates divestment, Wisconsin may ban Intelligent Design, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Mark Noll Leaving Wheaton for Notre DameSubscriber Access Only
Prominent evangelical historian and public intellectual to replace retiring George Marsden.
Air Force Issues Revised Guidelines on ReligionSubscriber Access Only
Interpretation varies on what one-page "interim" document means.
The Wrong End of the SpearSubscriber Access Only
Is Christian passion for purity blinding us to our missionary impulse?
'I Feel Betrayed'Subscriber Access Only
A son-in-law of one of the murdered missionaries says the casting was a mistake.
The New Climate CoalitionSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical leaders bolster the fight against global warming.
The 2005 Critics' Choice AwardsSubscriber Access Only
Our second annual Critics' Choice Awards pick the Top 10 Films of 2005—a list that somewhat resembles others in the mainstream, with a few surprises thrown in.
Vatican Says Cartoons and Deadly Riots 'Equally Deplorable'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Eminent domain decision barred, church parking woes, Australia's RU486 fight, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Brainwashed in the Blood?Subscriber Access Only
As a Pentecostal, I'm not too thrilled with the way kids from my denomination are depicted in Jesus Camp. Matter of fact, this new documentary ticks me off—for a number of reasons.
Palestine's Troubling DemocracySubscriber Access Only
Local Christians fret over Hamas's victory.
Spiritual Formation for DummiesSubscriber Access Only
Many people want more than knowledge about God—they want transformation, says Adele Ahlberg Calhoun. But they don't know where to start.
Christians Fear Amid Worldwide Muslim DemonstrationsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Six Christians killed in Philippines, Alabama churches torched, New Orleans pastors speak, and other stories from online sources around the world.
A Good WomanSubscriber Access Only
Alito's First Decision Is a Life-or-Death MatterSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Attacking Scottish clergy, NAE's non-statement on global warming, and other stories from online sources around the world.
The State of the HumanSubscriber Access Only
President Bush sets out a vital agenda for ethics.
A Tale of Two Kitties
A Tale of Two KittiesSubscriber Access Only
Lovers of Aslan should heed the warnings from the creator of Hobbes.
Two Courts Strike Partial Birth Abortion BanSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Blair blamed for U.K. hate law defeat, Billy Graham may preach in New Orleans, Naomi Wolf sees Jesus, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Church's Ties to Ministry Mean Broken Ties to DenominationSubscriber Access Only
Baptist pastor says church disapproves of homosexual behavior, but Texas convention says connections to "affirming" ministry is unbiblical.
Coretta Scott King, a Woman of Faith and Devotion, Dies at 78Subscriber Access Only
One of the country's most famous pastor's wives was a civil rights leader in her own right.
Readers Affirm Decision to Hire Gay ActorSubscriber Access Only
Most Christianity Today Movies readers say End of the Spear's

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Singing the Songs of Injustice
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