Sounds like … the classic dc Talk album as performed by the rock, pop, hardcore, R&B, and hip-hop artists of Gotee's roster

At a glance … Freaked is a fun tribute to one of the biggest albums in Christian rock history, but except for a few great renditions, most of it is played too safely with overly faithful arrangements

Milestone albums that have profound impact on the industry and the culture are rare, but even the relatively brief 35 years of CCM has its elite ones, representing the best of the genre. Jesus Freak marked the pinnacle of dc Talk's career, and as one of the most important Christian rock releases in the '90s, it surely influenced many of today's Christian artists.

It's understandable that many would want to honor the music, even if this project is somewhat unorthodox. Tribute albums typically cover an artist's body of work, but Freaked! A Gotee Tribute to dc Talk's Jesus Freak obviously focuses on a single album. Such tributes usually comes from the artist's label (ForeFront/EMI), but in this case, it's a Gotee project because two of the musicians responsible for the album—Gotee co-founders tobyMac and Todd Collins—both performed on Jesus Freak, alongside tobyMac's dc Talk partners Kevin Max and Michael Tait.

In other words, Gotee's current artist roster faithfully recreates the album that had a big hand in launching the label ten years ago. The album not only revisits all ten songs, twice in a couple instances, but also reuses or parodies most of the interludes of the original. There's the quick little phone message after the first track, the "Mr. Tobin" story that recalls "Mrs. Morgan," the Billy Graham excerpt during "Mind's Eye," and of course, that silly crooned reprise of "Jesus ...

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Freaked! A Gotee Tribute to dc Talk's Jesus Freak
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Release Date
June 20, 2006
Gotee Records
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