Editor's note: After almost a decade, this is the final edition of Film Forum. The weekly column began long before CT Movies launched, and for years was CT's only regular coverage of current films. But now that CT Movies is three years old and going strong, Film Forum has run its course and crossed the finish line. Jeffrey Overstreet, who will continue to write reviews and other features for us, will move Film Forum to his own personal website (see details below). We could say much about Jeffrey's excellent work on FF over the last six years, but we'll close it with the same word the Italians use at the end of their films: Fine. The end. And a "fine" run it has indeed. Thanks, Jeffrey.

As I sat watching the Oscars and writing this, the last installment of Film Forum, I was inspired by all of the winners' thank-you speeches. So I want to start with a few thanks myself.

Film Forum was created by Steve Lansingh and Ted Olsen in November 1999 (even before Rotten Tomatoes started doing their thing). I would like to thank them for their vision and courage in establishing FF, and for inviting me to carry it forward. It has been a privilege.

Thanks to Mark Moring for being so supportive and working so hard at CT Movies. I greatly admire his courage, conviction, and enthusiasm, and I'm thankful for his thoughtful editing week after week.

And thanks to the critics from so many publications and websites, who are doing such inspiring work. You've changed my understanding of what a "Christian movie review" can be, and given me hope that we can carry Christian engagement with film to deeper, more rewarding levels.

Finally, thanks to the readers who have corresponded with me over the years. You've challenged me, corrected me, given me new ideas, ...

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