March (Web-only) 2007

Wilberforce Amazes; Film Forum Moves On
In Film Forum's final week at CT Movies, Jeffrey Overstreet reflects on the column's seven-year run. Plus: Wilberforce's testimony dazzles us in Amazing Grace, but The Astronaut Farmer, The Number 23, and Reno 911: Miami are disappointing.
Blades of Glory
Meet the Robinsons
Focus Praises NAE's 'Broader Social Agenda'
Plus: The evangelicals at the center of the U.S. attorneys firing fight, Time's cover story on the Bible in public schools, Colo. becomes another center of the Anglican wars, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Switchfoot: Surfing for Spirituality
Surfing for Spirituality
Switchfoot's Oh! Gravity keeps door open for questions.
Quiet Time
It took almost two decades for director Philip Gröning to get permission to film France's Carthusian monks, but the resulting documentary, Into Great Silence, is a powerful spiritual experience.
The Rebirth of Venus
Charlene Cothran, editor of a magazine for African-American gays and lesbians, on how she renounced homosexuality and came to Christ.
Supreme Court Hears 'Bong Hits'
Also: Episcopalians disregard leaders' decisions, and the Iraq war turns four.
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
The Last Mimzy
Reign Over Me
'Tell Someone'? We Tried
Yes, HPV causes cervical cancer. Why did people scoff eight years ago, when we wanted to warn them?
Supreme Court Hears 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' Case
Christian legal groups file briefs supporting student's banner.
Nativity Comes Home
Just three months after an unimpressive theatrical run, The Nativity Story is now out on DVD, looking for a second "life" at video stores and in home libraries.
Remastering: Revisiting or Redundant
Amy Grant's extensive 30-year catalog gets a re-release, prompting discussion over the perks and problems of remastered albums and whether fans should take interest.
From Protesting Abortion Clinics to Protesting the War
Evangelical Christian couple who founded Believers Against the War have a son in Iraq.
Tortilla Heaven
Philosopher Charles Taylor Wins 2007 Templeton Prize
Canadian at Northwestern University has written on spiritual scholarship, violence.
No Consensus on Whether NAE Conflict Is Getting Hotter
Plus: The actual news in the pope's new document, SWBTS sued over gender-based termination, Franklin Graham's son injured in Iraq, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Revisiting Rwanda
David Belton covered the 1994 Rwandan genocide as a BBC reporter. He returned to the country to make a dramatic film—with a priest at the center of the story.
Not Cash-ing In
Joanne Cash says she's not riding the coattails of her famous older brother, but that she was born to sing gospel music—especially after her dramatic conversion.
Pastors Off the Hook in Sex Cases
Earl Paulk case dropped, Lonnie Latham not guilty, Md. pastor gets mistrial. Plus: Calling Akinola out on Nigeria's anti-gay law, W&M's cross returns, Jars of Clay's un-Dixie Chicks moment, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Beyond the Gates
The Namesake
The Ultimate Gift
Counting Her Blessings
Playing the mother of a terminally ill child in The Ultimate Gift, Ali Hillis says she's learned a few things about the best things in life.
Movies That Changed My Life
In an excerpt from his new book, Through a Screen Darkly, CT Movies critic Jeffrey Overstreet tells how certain films opened his eyes wider than ever, enabling him to look closer than ever before.
Dobson, Others Seek Ouster of NAE Vice President
Interim president Leith Anderson says he supports Richard Cizik's work on creation care.
’I’m Okay! Honest’
Author and CT columnist injured in SUV accident.
The Bagel Between Church and State
Plus: Should we stop talking about the Jesus tomb hoax? A Christian college's bus tragedy, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Wild Hogs
Cash: Ultimate Gospel
Holy God
This Great Defeat

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Moral Failures by Christian Leaders Are a Huge Problem. Can New Standards Help?
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