Sounds like … electronic-tinged rock reminiscent of Foo Fighters, The Killers, The Elms, and Switchfoot

At a glance … With catchy and varied songs, as well as a dynamic live sound, there's definitely something special about Special D

Some bands sound considerably better in the studio than on stage, thanks to modern-day technology. Others like Kentucky-based rockers Special D have that uncanny ability to incorporate the raw energy of a live show into their recordings.

That frenetic, feel-the-sweat energy makes for one incredible musical experience, even on a short five-track EP like Over and Over. You almost feel like you've been transported to a dumpy underground club when hearing the aggressive swirls of guitar on the opening track "Nothing Else."

Not only does the song evoke a Foo Fighters level of aggression, but Special D's frontman Craig Felker has the charisma and panache to deliver his vocals with equally compelling fervor. He may not have quite the snarl of Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, but he convincingly gets the job done in what's ultimately an encouraging track about living out your faith in the real world.

Then without missing a beat, the blistering guitars of "Beautiful Mystery" kick in on another standout that effectively contrasts God's divinity with our humanity. An intelligent treatise on theology that instantly grabs your attention, it's a track you could hear Switchfoot swinging, albeit with slightly quieter acoustics.

Like many college students, Felker often found himself wrestling with the complexities of faith. But instead of bottling them up, he candidly addressed these issues through songwriting. Wanting to be "a part of something that could speak hope into people's lives," Felker started working at Salem Publishing after college graduation and moonlighted as a songwriter in Nashville. Now back in his hometown just outside Paducah, Kentucky with Special D, Felker hopes that everyone who listens to his band's songs will recognize that "we're imperfect human beings who love Jesus and want to make music that is relevant and real. We simply want to make great songs that speak to people.

Whether the plaintive praise of "Emmanuel (Tonight)," the electronic-tinged strains of "Monster," or the title track's bold call to action, Special D has certainly accomplished what they've set out to do. And they do so with enough great rock 'n' roll to make a party in your ears.

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Over and Over
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March 4, 2008
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