January (Web-only) 2008

Man of Many Causes
Public television's sympathetic take on Wilberforce.
Ukraine: Eastern Europe's Evangelical Hub
Eastern Europe's Evangelical Hub
A scholar discusses the development of evangelicalism in Ukraine.
The 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2007
What do monks, kites, unwanted pregnancies, a 19th century abolitionist, and a young man with a life-sized inflatable doll have in common? They're all in movies that we've deemed the ten most redeeming films of 2007.
Obama's Social Contract
Abortion and the candidate's commitment to freedom and equality.
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
The Air I Breathe
Baptists Push Unity and a Fresh Face
More than 30 Baptist groups, minus the Southern Baptist Convention, gather for the New Baptist Covenant Celebration.
Q&A: Barack Obama
Q&A: Barack Obama
"I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ."
Pro-Life Cinema
Choosing Life at the Movies
2007 could be remembered as the Year of Pro-Life Cinema.
27 Dresses
Cassandra's Dream
Day Zero
Mad Money
The Middle East's Faithful Are Breathing Fine
A response to David Aikman.
Baptists Serve Kenya's Displaced After Post-Election Violence
Nearly 600 dead in clashes, and more than 250,000 ousted from homes.
Review: The Gettys' <i>In Christ Alone</i>
Hymn Revival
The Gettys set traditional lyrics against pop backdrop.
Noise From Words
Acoustic/Roots Rock
The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
India’s Burning Issue
Conversions in Orissa—and the violent reaction against them—highlight tension in India's not-so-dead caste system.
Technology and the Gospel
Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren, and others weigh in on worship and evangelism in a plugged-in age.
Rethinking Church in an Emergent Salon
Rising from the Ashes asks about the impact of alternative worship on the mainline church.
'The More You Preach, the Fewer You Reach'
So it goes for Christians in the movie industry, says VeggieTales creator and founder Phil Vischer, whose new film, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, opens this week.
Is Life Worth Living Before Death?
Dwelling in the Holy Land has become a curse for many of its inhabitants.
My Caspian Wish List
A Narnia expert, somewhat disappointed with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, has a few suggestions for director Andrew Adamson regarding the upcoming Prince Caspian.
Top 10 Lists
We're fans of compiling top ten lists around here. Maybe there's something here for you.
Top 10 Lists
We're fans of compiling top ten lists around here. Maybe there's something here for you.
Inside Bob Dylan's Jesus Years
Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage
The Best Christian Children's Albums of 2007
Over and Over
Reinventing the Wheel
Favorite Worship Albums of 2008
Twelve of the year's best, featuring several worship leaders and artists who deserve more recognition for their contributions to church music over the last decade.

Top Story April 18, 2024

In Secular UK, Evangelical Alliance Experiences Record Growth
In Secular UK, Evangelical Alliance Experiences Record Growth
Leader explains why the movement is seeing its biggest membership bump in 30 years and its mission for the years ahead.

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