Planned Parenthood has found itself in a legal battle with a former director who said she had a change of heart after watching an ultrasound for an abortion and quit the organization.

KBTX of Bryan/College Station, Texas, reports that Abby Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood for eight years, and two years as director, but joined forces with the Coalition For Life earlier this month, praying with volunteers outside the clinic.

Johnson said she was told to bring in more women who wanted abortions, something the Episcopalian churchgoer recently became convicted about. "I feel so pure in heart [since leaving]. I don't have this guilt, I don't have this burden on me anymore that's how I know this conversion was a spiritual conversion."

Planned Parenthood filed a temporary restraining order October 30 to prevent Johnson from disclosing information about the organization.

Johnson told Fox News that she became disillusioned after she felt pressure to increase profits by performing more abortions, which cost patients between $505 and $695.

"Every meeting that we had was, 'We don't have enough money, we don't have enough money—we've got to keep these abortions coming,' " Johnson said. "It's a very lucrative business and that's why they want to increase numbers."

Johnson had told KBTX that the organization put its moneys mostly toward abortions. "It seemed like maybe that's not what a lot of people were believing any more because that's not where the money was. The money wasn't in family planning, the money wasn't in prevention, the money was in abortion and so I had a problem with that," she said.

The parties are expected to go to court November 10.

Religion editor Frank Lockwood reports that Maryana Iskander, a top Planned Parenthood ...

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