November (Web-only) 2009

'All Israel Will Be Saved'Subscriber Access Only
God's 'first love' awaits Jesus' second advent.
'The Blind Side' Reaches Across Class and RaceSubscriber Access Only
A movie about a Christian woman's outreach to an African American teenager depicts redemption, but only at the personal level.
Me and Orson WellesSubscriber Access Only
A lighthearted but ultimately lightweight look at the theatrical life of one of biggest icons in Hollywood history.
The RoadSubscriber Access Only
Cormac McCarthy's tale of love among civilization's ruin receives magnificent screen treatment—and quite a bit of religious imagery.
Fantastic Mr. FoxSubscriber Access Only
In this latest adaptation of a Roald Dahl story, stop-motion proves a natural fit for an iconic director making his animation debut.
Old DogsSubscriber Access Only
Robin Williams and John Travolta prove they really are past their prime in an inept comedy about two aging bachelors who suddenly find themselves babysitting two 7-year-olds.
The Princess and the FrogSubscriber Access Only
Stunning visuals and a sweet love story cover over some disturbing subject matter.
The Impossibility of ThanksgivingSubscriber Access Only
Why gratefulness is more gift than duty.
GMA Still Alive and KickingSubscriber Access Only
Bailout enough to keep organization operating annual events. Plus: Skillet goes gold; Keaggy for the holidays; Daughtry gives back; and more.
End of the RoadSubscriber Access Only
After 17 years, a dozen albums, and countless shows, Delirious calls it a day—and frontman Martin Smith reflects on his memories.
What Does the Manhattan Declaration Really Mean?Subscriber Access Only
Also: advocacy groups gear up for the Christmas shopping season with politics and compassion.
Red CliffSubscriber Access Only
A dramatically overwhelmed army holds out against an aggressor ten times their strength in John Woo's magnificent and sprawling 3rd Century period epic.
'Like the Book of Job'Subscriber Access Only
Cormac McCarthy wanted spiritual metaphors portrayed throughout the film adaptation of his book, The Road, says director John Hillcoat.
Modern-Day MordecaiSubscriber Access Only
When he's away from his day job, Charisma editor J. Lee Grady is probably working on a project to empower women and confront abuse.
Going Rogue: An American (Pro-)Life WomanSubscriber Access Only
The former vice presidential candidate promotes her new book alongside the pro-life cause.
Leaders Issue 'A Call of Christian Conscience'Subscriber Access Only
Manhattan Declaration charges Christians to stick to their convictions.
RevolutionSubscriber Access Only
Heaven Came DownSubscriber Access Only
Cut Me Down and Count My RingsSubscriber Access Only
A City Called HeavenSubscriber Access Only
Give Yourself AwaySubscriber Access Only
The MessengerSubscriber Access Only
This emotionally fraught movie steers clear of melodrama to deliver a poignant portrait of how soldiers deal with the specter of death.
Planet 51Subscriber Access Only
An American astronaut is the alien on another planet similar to ours, but this otherwise routine animated movie has an overreliance on clichés and pop culture references.
The Blind SideSubscriber Access Only
Based on a true story, this is a surprisingly moving and inspirational tale of Christian compassion, self-discovery, and hope.
I Have a Confession to MakeSubscriber Access Only
Why online confession booths like FamilySecret and Post Secret take us only so far.
The Twilight Saga: New MoonSubscriber Access Only
Hunky werewolves and sparkly vampires! It's dog-eat-dog and more as all fangs are bared over Bella—but some want to eat her, others just want her.
Iranian Christian Women Freed from Evin PrisonSubscriber Access Only
Marzieh Amirizadeh Esmaeilabad and Maryam Rustampoor were imprisoned for 259 days after converting to Christianity.
Silencing the Maternal NagSubscriber Access Only
I've learned that our baby needs a mother and father, not two mothers.
A Passion for LifeSubscriber Access Only
Christian music star Rebecca St. James gives acting a shot, with her feature film debut in a pro-life movie.
Declare Your Name: Live WorshipSubscriber Access Only
LiveSubscriber Access Only
Heaven & EarthSubscriber Access Only
Until the Whole World HearsSubscriber Access Only
Fireflies & SongsSubscriber Access Only
Da' T.R.U.T.H. Steps DownSubscriber Access Only
Confesses "moral indiscretion," takes sabbatical. Plus: Bluetree takes a stand again sexual exploitation; Lennox scores peace prize; new MxPx EP; and more.
Full CircleSubscriber Access Only
On their first album since reuniting earlier this year, Scott Stapp and friends sing of sin, submission, and repentance.
True ConfessionsSubscriber Access Only
Sara Groves turns in her most self-revelatory album yet, opening up about everything from marital spats to anxiety attacks to the notion of 'confessional living.'
Still TouchedSubscriber Access Only
Touched by an Angel producer Martha Williamson reflects on the show's legacy.
Pirate RadioSubscriber Access Only
This based-on-a-true-story comedy about outlaw DJs is crazy for rock 'n' roll—and honest about its consequences.
Christ-Centered CautionsSubscriber Access Only
How do we be good, be disciplined, and be like Jesus?
Stanton Jones, Cedarville OUT Come to CampusSubscriber Access Only
As a resident director mentoring struggling students, I welcome open conversation about same-sex attraction.
Oh My GodSubscriber Access Only
Stylish but shallow film attempts but fails to deal with the age-old question: What is God?
2012Subscriber Access Only
The director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow is back with his most over-the-top, overwrought, and over-long apocalypse. Ever.
Crusading for WomenSubscriber Access Only
Christians can lead the charge to elevate the dignity of women. A review of Half the Sky.
Top 10 Posts of the Last 30 DaysSubscriber Access Only
What you read during the month of October.
Monster MonsterSubscriber Access Only
Memento MoriSubscriber Access Only
Hello HurricaneSubscriber Access Only
Mae Robbed, Tour ContinuesSubscriber Access Only
Band's van and all its contents stolen from hotel parking lot. Plus: Struggling GMA holds auction; Underwood digs TFK, Casting Crowns; and more.
Christmas Music Wrap-Up 2009Subscriber Access Only
There's a little something for everyone in this year's batch of holiday releases.
Hope Is Not a Sunny DaySubscriber Access Only
Jon Foreman and Switchfoot sing about the muck and mess of real life—and finding hope amid the darkness—on their new album, Hello Hurricane.
Q+A: Carrie PrejeanSubscriber Access Only
The former Miss California contestant says that she is 'still standing,' and called a recent video of her 'the worst mistake of my life.'
Rick and Kay Warren's Painful, Gradual Love StorySubscriber Access Only
A word from God. Then another. Then misery. How the Warrens finally fell in love.
Doomsday at the CineplexSubscriber Access Only
A new blockbuster says the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012. But pastors and scholars say hold the phone, and seek the signs in Scripture instead.
Carrie Prejean's Book Urges Women to Stand Up for BeliefsSubscriber Access Only
'Still Standing' doesn't claim Prejean made the right decisions, only that she has the right to make them.
An Invisible WallSubscriber Access Only
Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a pastor in Berlin assesses Germany's spiritual climate.
After the WallSubscriber Access Only
Reflections on 20 years of mission in Europe
Germany's 'Cold Religion'Subscriber Access Only
A Berlin-based journalist says that Martin Luther would have driven most of Germany's bishops from their pulpits.
Are We Obsessed with 'Cute'?Subscriber Access Only
What images of dancing babies and sleeping kittens say about our collective unhappiness.
A Grounded FaithSubscriber Access Only
Mexican ministry branches out beyond tree planting to bring healing to souls in a barren land.
PreciousSubscriber Access Only
A gut-wrenching film highlighted by deft storytelling, stellar performances, and an inspiring model of resiliency in the face of unthinkable realities.
The BoxSubscriber Access Only
Would you allow a stranger to die if it earned you a million bucks? That's just one of the questions at the heart of this bizarre yet surprisingly compelling film.
Disney's A Christmas CarolSubscriber Access Only
While possibly the most faithful version of Dickens' classic tale, this 3D animated remake is largely lifeless—and too scary for kids. Plus: Movie discussion guide.
A Quest to Question Mainstream MediaSubscriber Access Only
Connecting the dots between what we see on screen and who we become.
Yawning at the WordSubscriber Access Only
It's really hard to listen to God when there are really interesting things to think about.
The Man Behind the MouseSubscriber Access Only
With Disney's A Christmas Carol opening this week, we're reminded of the man behind the studio, a religious and praying man who oft included biblical themes in his films.
Planned Parenthood Puts Restraining Order on Former DirectorSubscriber Access Only
The director had resigned after watching an ultrasound for an abortion.

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Refugee Converts Aren’t ‘Fraudsters,’ German Pastors Say
Refugee Converts Aren’t ‘Fraudsters,’ German Pastors Say
Churches push back on immigrant officials' new skepticism of authentic faith.