Style: Neo-rock with elements of metal; compare to Skillet, 30 Seconds to Mars

Top Tracks: "Invisible," "Deafening," "Collision"

Most bands approaching the 20-year mark sustain their longevity by either producing a signature sound for a niche market or continually re-inventing themselves. In the case of Disciple and their ninth album, the veteran rockers find themselves somewhere in the middle. Songs like "Watch It Burn" and "Battle Lines" showcase the group's penchant for metal riffs and heavy breakdowns, while others like "Eternity" and "Deafening" veer increasingly toward the neo hard-rock genre popularized by bands like Skillet. Ironically, frontman Kevin Young's voice seems to shine most with the newer sound, especially during the album's more intimate moments.

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Horseshoes & Handgrenades
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September 14, 2010
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