September (Web-only) 2010

Holy Incarnation!Subscriber Access Only
It may be impossible not to "demean God" since he mixed it up with sinners.
Good News GlutSubscriber Access Only
Common English Bible joins the crowd.
Organic Family HymnalSubscriber Access Only
FellowshipSubscriber Access Only
Coffey AndersonSubscriber Access Only
StowawaysSubscriber Access Only
The RisingSubscriber Access Only
Le NoiseSubscriber Access Only
Real LifeSubscriber Access Only
OceanSubscriber Access Only
WonderSubscriber Access Only
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'HooleSubscriber Access Only
Stunning visuals and themes of faith, family, and friends.
What Does the GOP Value?Subscriber Access Only
New agenda sidesteps social issues even as Republicans block military reforms.
You AgainSubscriber Access Only
Though its heart is in the right place, this banal comedy wastes its talented cast.
Wall Street: Money Never SleepsSubscriber Access Only
Oliver Stone's sequel depicts a redeemed Gordon Gekko—kind of.
Waiting for SupermanSubscriber Access Only
An emotional crash course on the state of public education in the U.S.
Like Dandelion DustSubscriber Access Only
A heart-wrenching adaptation of Karen Kingsbury's bestseller. PLUS: Mira Sorvino interview.
Islam, Immigration, and CatholicsSubscriber Access Only
19th-century Protestants resisted Catholic immigration. Is today's opposition to Muslim immigration just following the same script?
Some Chaplains Plead, Don't Repeal Don't Ask Don't TellSubscriber Access Only
Military policy on gays and lesbians survives one more round.
Tough LoveSubscriber Access Only
In her most challenging role, Oscar winner Mira Sorvino plays an abused wife seeking redemption in 'Like Dandelion Dust,' based on Karen Kingsbury's inspirational novel.
Dark Is the Way, Light Is a PlaceSubscriber Access Only
Outta Space LoveSubscriber Access Only
40 Days of (Political) PurposeSubscriber Access Only
Activists push 40-day prayer vigil as lead-up to Election Day, while Delaware gives boost to social conservatives.
Jack Goes BoatingSubscriber Access Only
Hoffman's directorial debut is a quirky love story with pain and affection at heart.
The TownSubscriber Access Only
A heist flick rich in drama and complicated characters and relationships.
Finding Christ Throughout — and Beyond — ScriptureSubscriber Access Only
We need both J. I. Packer's and the Orthodox Presbyterians' approaches to hear Christ speak.
Mary Beth Chapman vs. GodSubscriber Access Only
In a new book, Steven Curtis Chapman's wife is brutally honest about her lifelong feud with the Creator, especially after losing their daughter to an accident in 2008.
Never Let Me GoSubscriber Access Only
Understated, subtle drama wonders what makes a human "human."
Culturally Focusing on the FamilySubscriber Access Only
How hipster evangelicals have fallen into the same consumerist traps as their parents.
Culture in an Age of ConsumptionSubscriber Access Only
Why evangelical hipsters may be the best example of James Davison Hunter's 'faithful presence.'
A Day in UtopiaSubscriber Access Only
CT visits the set of an upcoming inspirational film starring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black.
Horseshoes & HandgrenadesSubscriber Access Only
Harlem River BluesSubscriber Access Only
FlamingoSubscriber Access Only
Light Up the SkySubscriber Access Only
The Anatomy of BrokenSubscriber Access Only
Band of JoySubscriber Access Only
You Are Not AloneSubscriber Access Only
Marilynne Robinson Takes on Bad Science WritersSubscriber Access Only
The novelist wades into the religion-and-science debate with 'Absence of Mind.'
How the Economy Became a Family IssueSubscriber Access Only
Family groups emphasized government debt and the economy as family issues this week. Plus, Christian leaders offered unanimous denunciations of church's planned Qur'an burning.
Qur'an Burning: The Neverending StorySubscriber Access Only
Everybody who is anybody has said something about what may be nothing.
Expecting MarySubscriber Access Only
A pregnant teen runaway finds unexpected help in this quirky pro-life flick.
'The Gospel Makes the Everyday Possible'Subscriber Access Only
70-year old Duke theologian Stanley Hauerwas explains his new memoir, addresses his critics, and explains why he says, 'We're all congregationalists now.'
My Top 5 Movies in the Heat of SummerSubscriber Access Only
The Weapon Satan Can't StandSubscriber Access Only
Furious Love highlights spiritual warfare around the globe.
Facing Lutheranism's Crisis of AuthoritySubscriber Access Only
Seven theologians call North American Lutheranism back to the Word and the Lutheran confessions.
My Trip to al-QaedaSubscriber Access Only
In a riveting new HBO documentary, a prize-winning American journalist helps us see what makes these terrorists tick—and what ticks them off.
And Glenn Beck Shall Lead ThemSubscriber Access Only
Dobson, Land, Falwell Jr., and other evangelicals follow Glenn Beck's call for national renewal.
Did the Spirit Really Say...?Subscriber Access Only
God's will is harder and easier to discern than we imagine.
Beck Wants to Lead, But Will Evangelicals Follow?Subscriber Access Only
Once uncomfortable with Mitt Romney, evangelicals appear mixed on Glenn Beck.
Humor for the HurtingSubscriber Access Only
Comedian Michael Jr. is taking his routine to those who most need to laugh—the down and out, the lost and lonely.
The AmericanSubscriber Access Only
A visually compelling thriller with a meditative quality.

Top Story July 4, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.