Style: Organic covers of hits, plus new songs; compare to Matthew West, MercyMe

Top tracks: "Long Way Home," "All That's Left," "Morning Has Broken"

It's been three years since the tragic accident that killed Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter, Maria, and his last album, Beauty Will Rise, was an achingly beautiful catharsis. Re:creation is also a very personal reemergence, moving beyond the valley of the shadow of death and bringing a bounce back to Chapman's step. He's not whitewashing his pain, but there's a dawning joy flowing through his 17th studio album, which includes new, more organic recordings of eight of his greatest hits plus six new songs.

Call "Long Way Home" the lynchpin of the collection. There's a weighted authenticity when Chapman sings, "I had no way of knowing just how hard this journey could be / 'Cause the valleys are deeper and the mountains are steeper than I ever would've dreamed / But I know we're gonna make it." It's fitting that the tune is carried by a ukulele, the instrument that Chapman says restored fun to music.

That song begins, "I set out on a great adventure" and continues, "So I'll keep on singing and believing what all of my songs say." Those words set up the eight remakes of past Chapman hits. Fortunately they're less rehash and more, well, re-creations. There's new depth and credibility in the fact that everything Chapman has sung about for almost 25 years has been tested, and he's finding it still to ring true.

Stylistically, think of that half of this album as Greatest Hits Unplugged. The absence of shiny, happy, radio-pop production improves several of these hits, including "Dive (Deeper)" and "More to This Life." The restraint strips away original excesses to turn "For the Sake of the ...

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Release Date
August 9, 2011
Sparrow Records
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