Style: Fist-pumping worship rock; compare to Chris Tomlin, Red, Tenth Avenue North

Top tracks: "It's You," "Soar (2 Samuel 22)," "The Redeemed"

As worship music, the 12 songs on Parachute Band's latest album hit all their marks—skyrocketing earworm melodies and lyrics of praise, struggle, and attrition; vocals oozed out for optimum emotional impact; a burnished finish that will sound comfortable slotted in with the rest of the pack on Christian radio. But the band sticks to musical modes that are at least a decade old, ignoring modernity outside of the occasional trill of a synthesizer and post-production effects that turn songs into aural confetti before quickly gluing them back together again. Moments of artistic striving make their way through the clamor—the dramatic, staccato bridge section that hits in the middle of "The Redeemed" and the emotion-rich closing instrumental "Soar (2 Samuel 22)"—but they're not enough to redeem the album itself.

Love Without Measure
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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
February 1, 2010
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