January (Web-only) 2011

North Mississippi Allstars
Love Without Measure
Until We Have Faces
The Covering
Barton Hollow
Luke: A World Turned Upside Down
A Duo at War
The Civil Wars, that is, fronted by Joy Williams and John Paul White, whose debut CD releases today.
Carla Barnhill, America's Next Advice Columnist?
The 'mommy blogger' and former 'Christian Parenting Today' editor is one of the top four finalists to become 'Good Morning America's new "advice guru."
What Are Wedding Vows For, Anyway?
Not much, if Carol Anne Riddell and John Partilla's wedding announcement in 'The New York Times' "Vows" section means anything.
The Rite
A sober, realistic treatment of exorcism, and a thoughtful depiction of doubt and faith.
Another Year
Authentic portrayal of good people, gracefully aging and helping those in need.
The Untold Story of Donor-Conceived Children
The next reproductive-technology issue coming to a church near you.
Why We Opened Our Church to Muslims
A response to "Muslims in Evangelical Churches."
Q & A: Tim Pawlenty on Evangelicals and the Issues
The former governor of Minnesota has announced his presidential candidacy. Here's CT's earlier interview on issues like cap & trade, foreign policy, and whether evangelicals have influence in the Republican Party anymore.
Surprised by Beauty at the March for Life
The people who caught my eye—the ones the mainstream media overlooked—at this year's march.
The Devil in Tinsel Town
With 'The Rite' opening Friday, we look at how Hollywood has depicted exorcism over the years.
Christians Launch Anti-Slavery Efforts for Super Bowl XLV
This year's game is located in one of the nation's seedbeds of human trafficking.
Come Home
Live, Love, Leave
I Was a King
Namaste Sate
Mission Bell
Wallis and Colson on Civility
Conviction and Civility
We should not lose this moment for moral reflection and renewal.
Heresy Is Heresy, Not the Litmus Test of Gospel Preaching
It's time to put aside this abused "badge of honor."
The Way Back
Continent-hopping adventure story is beautiful but somewhat lacking.
The Lazy Slander of Pro-Lifers
Do pro-lifers care only for life inside the womb?
The Gospel of Steve Jobs
The Apple CEO was able to articulate a perfectly secular form of hope.
Q & A: Billy Graham on Aging, Regrets, and Evangelicals
The evangelist says he "sometimes crossed the line" in politics, "old age can be a lonely time," and warns evangelicals of being "victims of our own success."
'Skins' Prompts Call for Child Porn Investigation
This time, the Parents Television Council is probably right about the British export that spotlights teens (and teen actors) engaging in a sexual free-for-all.
One Wedding and Six Funerals
What it can mean to participate in the life of God.
Miss America and the Bikini Question
Do modern-day pageants ask young evangelical women to compromise their values an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny too much?
Low Country Blues
In the Cool of the Day
The King is Dead
Leaving Eden
Paradise Lost
On his new album, 'Leaving Eden', Brandon Heath explores the fall of man—including his own—but keeps turning back to the hope of Christ.
A Woman, Not a 'Gestational Carrier'
How the global infertility industry reduces women to profitable body parts.
Why I Don't Want to Be a Tiger Mother
I don't want to be an American mother, for that matter.
The Dilemma
What would you do if you caught your best friend's wife in adultery?
The Green Hornet
This adaptation of the classic superhero finds a goofy balance between parody and homage.
Blessed Are Those with Alzheimer's
Discovering God'ndashs image in a nursing home called "The Beatitudes."
Satan Appears Before the Supreme Court
His influence in the case before the justices was hypothetical, but it didn't have to be a joke.
Troubled by the Twiblings?
Melanie Thernstrom's 'NYT Magazine' article about her unconventional method of having children left me unsettled—but not for the reasons you think.
Suffering and Rejoicing in a Haitian Tent Camp
What I learned in this church surpasses anything I've seen at a stunning cathedral.
Pro-life Challenges, from a Former Planned Parenthood Director's View
Abby Johnson takes her eight years of experience in an abortion clinic to the pro-life side.
The Virgins-Only Dating Website
Is WeWaited.com really a perfect haven for Christians struggling in a sex-obsessed culture?
Pregnant Pause
MTV's Teen Mom might be sending an abstinence message after all.
'Passport through Darkness' Gives Victims Voice
Make Way Partners president Kimberly Smith's book is a must-read for today, Human Trafficking Awareness Day.
Saved By Grace
Is Your Church Open to Autism?
Churches that make space for autistic children on Sunday mornings will be disrupted—by joy.
In nightclubs, coffeehouses, and iPods, true first-person storytelling is becoming a cultural force as it borrows from Christian tradition.
John Wesley biopic, now on DVD, is mediocre but informative story of the man.
Country Strong
The music is drowned out by a too-loud message about the dangers of fame.
What Celebrity Miscarriages Teach Us
If famous folk can open up to the world about their pregnancy loss, why can't we in the church?
Blessed Are the Poor in Virtue
Why some people may want to abandon New Year's resolutions as soon as possible.
Honeymoon with Mom and Dad
How I spent the holidays with my live-in parents.
A Tarnished Silver Anniversary
What is destroying marriage in the Wes—and what has sustained my husband and me through several potentially marriage-destroying events.
Muslims in Evangelical Churches
Does loving your neighbor mean opening your doors to false worship?
Another Assault on Little Girls
Vogue Paris's "Gifts" photo spread is one more example of how our culture robs children of innocence.
For Many Missionaries, More Tech Means Shorter Furloughs
Constant connection keeps missionaries on the field, but has its costs.

Top Story July 23, 2024

‘This Is the Day’ for Filipinos to Develop Their Own Worship Music
‘This Is the Day’ for Filipinos to Develop Their Own Worship Music
In a country known for loving Western praise music—Hillsong’s second-biggest market—a grassroots movement is singing new tunes.

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