From Peter: "While doing ministry in Washington D.C., it was my privilege and honor to partner at several moments with Sherry Woods, director of the Unique Learning Center (ULC). The Unique Learning Center has provided biblical mentoring and tutoring to at-risk children of the Shaw neighborhood since 1982, during some of the most violent years of that city's history. I'm pleased to share a post from Sherry about another ministry that God has called her to.

If you are looking to make an end of the year donation to a very worthy organization, please consider the ULC - details can be found here."

It is difficult to find room for all the Christmas events and end of the year activities that capture our attention during this season: church services and programs, wrapping presents and mailing greeting cards, and attending various parties of various sorts. We manage to find room for it all. Yet there is often little room to reflect on how the birth of one Child, sent down from our Father above and entrusted to a young woman and a carpenter, changed the world forever.

We even forget some of the realities that make up the Nativity. One of them occurs on the night of Jesus’ birth as the earthly parents of the Holy Child are repeatedly told “No room”. Those who spoke those words to Mary and Joseph had no inkling of whom they were turning away, and the profound honor they had passed up by refusing refuge for the family of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. “No room,” Mary and Joseph were told over and over again, until someone finally decided to make room, however humble that room would end up being. But the world would forever be changed by what would take place in that little ...

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Third Culture
Third Culture looks at matters of faith from the multicultural and minority perspective.
Peter Chin
Peter W. Chin is the pastor of Rainier Avenue Church and author of Blindsided By God. His advocacy work for racial reconciliation has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, NPR, and the Washington Post.
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