Bivocationalism is nothing new among pastors—but can you imagine having a side career as a doctor that you consider a “hobby”?

Miguel Núñez can. Before he became senior pastor of Iglesia Bautista Internacional in the Dominican Republic’s Santo Domingo, Núñez was on track for a successful career as an infectious disease specialist. Though he was later called to plant and lead a church in his home country’s capitol, Núñez’s interest in offering healing never left him. Now, in between his pastoral duties and his work as president of Ministerios Integridad and Sabiduría (Wisdom and Integrity Ministries), he still finds time to visit patients weekly, comforting them not only with his medical insights but also with his assurances of God’s grace.

With such a workload, you’d think it would be hard to find time to step back and see the forest for the trees. For Núñez, though, meditation is serious business. In fact, he calls reflection for the sake of sanctification a “missing jewel” that many young Christians overlook after their conversion:

I think you need several things [to intentionally cultivate character]. You need mentors—mentors that you trust and believe when they share the experience. I think you need to read—you need to read the wisdom of people who have gone ahead of you, even sometimes generations ago, because God gave them to us as a church, and there is a lot of wisdom there that is available to us.
Number three—and I think this is where this generation has a big problem—you need to reflect and meditate. You need to take time to think. And you can’t think doing three ...
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