At Christianity Today, we believe that God’s Word has specific truths for the challenges and struggles we’re confronting in this day and age. Further, we recognize that each culture reads the Bible through a particular lens and offers unique insights into how we can understand it. We have much to learn from believers of different cultural backgrounds and how they analyze and apply Scripture in their respective contexts.

With this in mind, we’re announcing our second-annual international essay contest. We want those who write in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Indonesian, or Chinese to send us your thoughts in that language. The articles will be judged by three to five Christian leaders and theologians from regions that speak this language. The winning essays will then be translated into English and published on Christianity Today’s website in both languages.

This year, we’re asking writers to pick a verse, chapter, or story from Genesis, Job, 1 or 2 Corinthians, or Colossians and apply it to an issue that you or your society is facing in your specific context. In particular, we are looking for a strong reverence for Scripture in combination with a fresh, surprising application of this verse. The piece should exhort your neighbors and fellow citizens. Writers should also be mindful that it will be read by the global church.

We’re interested in reading unique arguments that communicate the gospel's perspective on a particular issue in a generous and thoughtful tone and will make readers eager to open up their Bibles and read more. First-person articles should apply your personal experience to a broader concept of faith and biblical truth.


We will have one winner in each language: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Bahasa Indonesian. We will have one winner for simplified Chinese and one winner for traditional Chinese.

This year’s contest winners will win $250 and a three-year Christianity Today print and online subscription. They will also have their essay published on Christianity Today’s website.

If your submission does not win, we may still publish it. In submitting your piece, you agree to have your essay considered by Christianity Today’s editors for future publication.

Details and submission information for the following languages:

[ This article is also available in español Português Français 简体中文 Indonesian, and 繁體中文. ]