Is the pulpit an appropriate place to discuss politics?

Guilherme De Carvalho: The pulpit is an appropriate place for teaching biblical social doctrine and, where appropriate, the biblical foundations for a Christian political theology. But for party politics, no way! The believer needs to have the assurance that the Word of God will reign in the pulpit of his church. Pastors should not give the pulpit to candidates or politicians nor use the pulpit to declare their voting intentions or to recommend political parties.

Iza Vicente: The pulpit is a place to preach the gospel. That is not to say, however, that the church cannot foster spaces for discussion and reflection on politics, which is quite different from candidates receiving a blessing or prayer from the pulpit, which is often actually an endorsement. I’m a city council member. During the campaign, I never stepped into the pulpit of my church to present myself as the best option for evangelicals.

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Ziel Machado: The pulpit is the place to feed the people of God and to teach them to live as God wants. So, at some point, politics will appear in the pulpit, as the Word of God relates to all of life.

The problem is not the politics itself but how politics appear in the pulpit. The pulpit is not an electoral platform. Therefore, every time the pulpit is used as a platform, it will be compromised. When that happens, God’s name is being taken in vain. In addition, it might be understood as a crime by the electoral justice system.

Jacira Monteiro: The church is a place to discuss politics, because Christians are in the polis and we are all political beings. However, on what the Bible is silent, we Christians must not speculate or invent. The Bible is neither left nor right, and its view of society is far superior to any human models. So, yes, we should talk about politics, but not by violating the conscience of our brothers and sisters.

Ricardo Barbosa: The pulpit of the church belongs to the Word of God.

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