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Book TitleAuthorRating
Bauckham, Richard5 Stars - Masterpiece
Behe, Michael J.not rated  
Beilby, James3½ Stars - Good
Belcher, Jimnot rated  
Bell, Jeffrey4 Stars - Excellent
Bell, Rob2 Stars - Fair
Belz, Mindy5 Stars - Masterpiece
Bennett, Kyle David4 Stars - Excellent
Berlinerblau, Jacques2 Stars - Fair
Bernbaum, John A.5 Stars - Masterpiece
Bilbro, Jeffrey4 Stars - Excellent
Billings, J. Todd5 Stars - Masterpiece
Bird, Michael F.5 Stars - Masterpiece
Black Jr., Gary4 Stars - Excellent
Bock, Darrell L.not rated  
Shameless: A Sexual Reformation
Shameless: A Sexual Reformation
Bolz-Weber, Nadia2 Stars - Fair
The Decline of the Novel
The Decline of the Novel
Bottum, Joseph4 Stars - Excellent
Bovy, Phoebe Maltz4 Stars - Excellent
Bowler, Gerry4 Stars - Excellent
Bowler, Kate5 Stars - Masterpiece
Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel
Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel
Bowler, Kate4 Stars - Excellent
Bowman, Matthew2½ Stars - Fair
Boyagoda, Randy5 Stars - Masterpiece
Boyer, Steven D. and Hall, Christopher A.5 Stars - Masterpiece
Bratt, James D.not rated  

Top Story December 4, 2021

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Episode 12: Aftermath
The Rise and Fall of Mars HillEpisode 12|2 hrs 31 min
What happens to your faith when your church is torn apart?

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