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Christianity and Scientific Concerns
Six evangelical scholars--including C. Everett Koop--in a panel discussion on technology and bioethics.
How Christian Leaders Have Changed Since 9/11
Pastors, authors, & ministry leaders describe how that fateful day transformed their lives and ministries.
"One Lord, One Faith, Many Ethnicities"
How to become a diverse organization and keep your sanity
We Can Overcome
A CT forum examines the subtle nature of the church's racial division—and offers hope.
The Spirit Hasn't Left Mainline (Part 1 of 3)
A forum on why and how we should save denominations.
We would be deluding ourselves if we thought that evangelical thinking in our day has progressed very far.

Top Story January 29, 2023

AI Might Teach, But It Can’t Preach
AI Might Teach, But It Can’t Preach
No, our future children or grandchildren will not be evangelized by a robot.

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