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Our July/August Issue: War Stories
Amid the ashes, beauty stands out.
Our May/June Issue: The Cold Wind of Ministry
Do we know what our pastors are up against?
Our April Issue: How Place Shapes Church
Congregations can’t entirely be separated from the ground they occupy.
Our March Issue: Defining Deconstruction
Why attempts at a synonym fail.
Our Jan/Feb Issue: Words in the Wild
Our books issue offers a jungle of Christian ideas to lose yourself in.
Our December Issue: When God’s Word is Silent
The Gospels don’t tell us what we don’t need to know.
Our November Issue: Worship With Benefits
Historically, Americans really liked church.
Our September Issue: This Present Fiction
Before American Christians were known for writing pop fiction, they were known for disliking it.
Our September Issue: Hope Beyond the Headlines
In Afghanistan as elsewhere, there is more than meets the media’s eye.
Our July/August Issue: The Cynic’s Life Raft
How we ask questions matters as much as what we ask.
Our May/June Issue: Discerning Good Gossip from Bad
Our sweeping censure of talking behind backs isn’t biblical.
Our April Issue: Single Parenting by Choice
CT’s single-parent adoption pioneer shares her story.
Our March Issue: When Church Is Not ‘Home’
In praise of uncomfortable worship.
Our Jan/Feb Issue: Tomato, Tomahto, and the Bible
If the Christmas story actually happened in a garage, would we translate it that way?
Our November Issue: An Ocean of Need
How can we care for the sick when we don’t have the cash?
Our October Issue: Atlanta’s Black Church
Honoring hard-won progress while lamenting the costs of the struggle for justice.
Our September Issue: The Bible in Blue
It matters what Scripture says about police.
Our July/August Issue: Put a Ring on It?
The future of marriage may depend on good marriages.
Our May/June Issue: Life of the Body
Jesus is present in his people, even the socially distanced ones.
Our April Issue: Behind the Scenes
Honoring the hidden heroes of our past can start right now.

Top Story August 11, 2022

Stand By Me. But Don’t Be a Bystander.
Stand By Me. But Don’t Be a Bystander.
Pay attention to the sin of passivity, especially in church leaders dealing with abused women.

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