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Unpacking Community
Finding an ecclesial home is one challenge. Living in community is another.
The Kingdom Demands We Cross Tribal Lines
Secondary church issues have the potential to divide us, but we can choose to stay united as the body of Christ.
We Can’t Turn a Blind Eye to Harmful Ideologies
It’s critical that we understand how we got here.
Our Jan/Feb Issue: Rejoice, Tremble, and Keep on Reading
A look inside our books issue.
Let There Be Dark
Deep darkness only magnifies what it is to gaze upon the Light of the World.
The Bots and the Bees
Following Jesus in our AI era.
The Hard Work of Healing
What does it look like to live reconciliation?
Our May/June Issue: Ministry Across the Generations
CT staff share experiences being pastors’ kids and missionary kids.
Our April Issue: What God Gives Us
May Easter spur us to action.
Our March Issue: Illumination and Illusion
Heeding the testimony of the church in Ukraine.
Our Jan/Feb Issue: The Reading Life in a Tweeting Age
A look inside our books issue.
Our December Issue: We Wonder as We Wander
All of us come to the manger as pilgrims.
Our November Issue: What Happens When We Testify
The bold witness our CT reporter encountered in Buffalo.
Found on Bushes? No!
Wisdom from CT’s first managing editor, and gifts of its latest ones.
Our September Issue: Modeling Home
Can Christians show the world better forms of community?
Our July/August Issue: War Stories
Amid the ashes, beauty stands out.
Our May/June Issue: The Cold Wind of Ministry
Do we know what our pastors are up against?
Our April Issue: How Place Shapes Church
Congregations can’t entirely be separated from the ground they occupy.
Our March Issue: Defining Deconstruction
Why attempts at a synonym fail.
Our Jan/Feb Issue: Words in the Wild
Our books issue offers a jungle of Christian ideas to lose yourself in.

Top Story May 23, 2024

Be Quick to Listen, Slow to ‘Therapy Speak’
Be Quick to Listen, Slow to ‘Therapy Speak’
Using terms like trauma, abuse, and toxic too flippantly has consequences for our relationships.

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