Editor's Note

Our April Issue: Strength in Numbers
Can databases help us to see more like God sees?
Our March Issue: No Senior Moments, Please
Aging, weakness, and … hey let’s talk about something else!
On Mancow, MacDonald, and the Harvest Mess
CT's editor in chief on today's aired remarks.
Our Jan/Feb Issue: What Are Book Awards Good For?
Guiding the invisible hand of publishing economics.
Our December Issue: Peace on Earth
We could all use a little this Advent season.
Our November Issue: Listening Carefully
Nigeria’s besieged Christians ask if they are forgotten.
Our October Issue: Rethinking Vocation
Work is both “do what you love” and “do what you must.”
Our September Issue: Nothing to Hide
How much power do secrets hold over the Christian?
Our July/August Issue: Tragedy's Many Angles
When it takes more than one story to tell a story.
Our June Issue: Modern Manhood
Navigating men’s ministry in uncertain times.
The Power of Our Inability
The glory and failing of the human body—it’s all God’s grace.
I, Too, Owe My Conversion to Billy Graham
The number of lives changed, directly and indirectly, is staggering.
Our March Issue: The Gospel for ‘Every Area of Life’
We still believe that the basic solution to the world’s crises—and our own—is theological.
Our January/February Issue: Fighting FOMO
How fear of missing out fuels our overextended lives, and why the South Pole holds clues to the solution.
Our December Issue: Being Shrewd Samaritans
We’re learning more than ever about good giving.
Not a Mere Museum Piece
Why the Bible is better-suited for DC than I am.
Our October Issue: Rooting for Bible Ministries
Confessions of a Bible study dropout.
Our September Issue: Our Checkered Pasts Are God's Glory
Why redemption is sweeter without selective memory.
Our July/Aug Issue: The Upside of Disruption
How unwelcome change can lead to a fuller life.
Our June Issue: In the Body of Christ, We’re All Connected
The networks and bonds between hundreds of millions of Christians never stop surprising us.

Top Story May 7, 2021

India’s Christians Ask for Prayer as Virus Overwhelms Crematoriums
India’s Christians Ask for Prayer as Virus Overwhelms Crematoriums
Severe oxygen shortage one of many challenges as India suffers the world’s worst surge of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

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