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Por Que as Igrejas Brasileiras Fecharam, Apesar de Presidente Bolsonaro Discordar
Líderes evangélicos explicam por que seguir as orientações dos especialistas em saúde pública sobre o COVID-19 não viola sua fé, mas a demonstra.
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How to Prepare Your Heart for Holy Week This Year
No plague has ever altered the truth of redemption, and this novel virus doesn’t change the reality that Holy Week and Easter reveal.
Why Urban Churches Aren’t Staying Home
Many congregants have to work through the coronavirus. But their pastors can't afford a canceled service.
How Churches Are Winning and Losing During the COVID-19 Crisis
Churches have had to pivot hard and shift in a direction they weren’t going.
Many of the Christians We Remember Faced Pain and Sickness
For Charles Spurgeon, Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, and more, disease defined how they knew God.
Is It Manna from Heaven, Money from Washington, or Both?
Leaders consider stimulus loan options, and Christians rally to fund grants for struggling churches.
A Few Churches Are Defying Bans on Large Gatherings. That Could Be Bad for Religious Liberty.
Experts warn that grandstanding will make it harder to defend against real threats.
Coronavirus Searches Lead Millions to Hear About Jesus
Tens of thousands have clicked to pray for salvation since the outbreak. Is the increase temporary or a harbinger of greater gospel witness online?
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Ministering to Teens While They Shelter at Home
Teenagers are at home, activities are shut down, and many of those “lasts” are lost.
Partner ContentRuth Everhart Reexamines Our Faulty Systems
What is the church’s role in protecting those most vulnerable?
Not Even the Gates of a Hellish Pandemic Will Prevail Over God’s Church
Scripture doesn’t promise wealth or health or even life. What, then, does it promise?
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Why Brazil’s Churches Closed, Even Though President Bolsonaro Disagrees
Evangelical leaders explain why heeding public health experts on COVID-19 doesn’t violate their faith but instead demonstrates it.
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Christians Debate Paying Tithes to African Churches Closed by Coronavirus
New appeals for digital offerings in Kenya and Rwanda face pushback from congregants sheltering at home and out of work
Will COVID-19 Lead to the Next Great American Awakening?
I think we finally are beginning to realize we need God.
The Egg Hunt Must Go On? Churches Reconfigure Options for Easter
Socially distant festivities include grab bags, virtual hunts, and coronavirus outreach.
Southwestern Ends Largest Evangelical Archaeology Program
Coronavirus interrupts excavation projects across Israel.
How Early Christians Handled Their ‘COVID-19’
Those in the early church faced two life-threatening epidemics within its first 200 years.
Joy Comes in the Morning
Joy invades the most sorrowful spaces. It reminds us that beauty and goodness and life can grow even in the most unpromising soil.
Arab Christians Have Lost Easter Before. Here’s What They Learned.
Whether COVID-19 or ISIS, believers from Iraq, Syria, and Egypt know “neither plague nor persecution can snuff out the church of Christ.”
Lessons from Moses: Pastor, You Are Not Alone!
Our leaders are seeking endless ways to stave off the fear and anxiety that those under our care are feeling.

Top Story April 10, 2020

Seeing My Child Face Death Made Me Rethink the Passion
Seeing My Child Face Death Made Me Rethink the Passion
The Cross secured our salvation. But Jesus’ fate still breaks the Father’s heart.

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