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Sola Scripturas: Can Evangelicals Befriend the ‘Protestant Reformers of Islam’?
Interview with scholar of American Salafism finds commonalities—and potential for engagement—between the austere Islamic interpretive movement and the Christian community most wary of them.
US Slavic Churches Booming with Ukrainian War Refugees
One generation of Soviet refugees is welcoming another.
Russell Moore: I Already Miss Tim Keller’s Wise Voice
The late pastor theologian gave strong counsel to me and so many others in ministry.
Tim Keller Changed Church Planting, from City to City
From Beirut to Barcelona, pastors reflect on his influence.
Tim Keller Wanted to Learn from the Global Church. Even Secularizing Europe.
What the Reformed pastor saw in the continent's Christians—and why it earned him the respect of its church planters.
O for a Thousand Tongues of Fire
The Spirit’s descent at Pentecost is a model for diverse and distributed leadership.
They Sang ‘a Heavenly Song’ in a Dark Chinese Jail
Two Chinese Christian women ministered to their cellmates and prison guards with stories, prayers, and hymns.
She Was Born into Slavery. She Became a Missionary to Africa at 56.
How an American school teacher spread God's love in King Leopold's Congo.
Our Beloved Ones Don’t Become Angels When They Die
Despite what Chinese religions and pop culture might suggest, they stay human—and that’s a good thing.
The Birds and the Bees: How Over-Spiritualizing Sex Dismisses Creation
The current debates about sexuality are missing an ecological perspective.
Fewer Christians Know Families Who Foster or Adopt
While churches offer more support and encouragement, attendees say they’re less likely to see personal involvement.
Died: Superstar Billy Graham, Teenage Evangelist Who Became a Wrestling Legend
In the ring and life, Wayne Coleman was a “heel” who wanted to be a “babyface.”
Tim Keller: From the CT Archives
A collection of articles by and about the late pastor theologian.
Tim Keller Practiced the Grace He Preached
In an increasingly divisive world, the pastor theologian’s legacy was walking the higher road—the one less traveled.
Died: Tim Keller, New York City Pastor Who Modeled Winsome Witness
“We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.”
My Sister’s Sudden Death Prepared Me for COVID-19’s Slow Grief
As much as we might want to, none of us can outsource the burden of bereavement.
The Dwight Schrute Theory of American Culture
How Rainn Wilson’s character on ‘The Office’ reflects our current leadership crisis.
Malaysia’s Death Penalty Is No Longer Mandatory. Advocate Wishes Christian Conversation Was.
Christian lawyer explains why loving your neighbor in the Muslim-majority country entails speaking up.
Americans Read the Bible More After Switching Denominations
In a recent survey, those who left their childhood traditions for a church of their own reported higher engagement with their faith.
How Should We Then Live Among Muslims? Four Arab Christian Views
Theological advice on how Middle East believers in Jesus can best witness to their faith, keep social peace, and maintain unity.

Top Story June 8, 2023

Most US Pastors Use Armed Congregants as Church Security
Most US Pastors Use Armed Congregants as Church Security
With shootings on the rise, more churches are dropping no-firearms policies and turning to gun-carriers in their flock, survey finds.

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