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Origins Opinion Surveys Evolve from ‘How’ to ‘Who’
Many Christians affirm evolution once researchers leave room for God's role in it.
One-on-One with Jerry Gillis on The Church of Western New York
"Jesus set us up in such a way that it requires his whole body to bring the whole gospel to the whole geography."
After Major Investigation, Southern Baptists Confront the Abuse Crisis They Knew Was Coming
The Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News collect 380 allegations spanning 20 states in an unprecedented look at sexual misconduct across the denomination.
The Imposter Syndrome and Pastoral Ministry
This phenomenon affects many, and pastors may be particularly susceptible.
Preoccupied with Love: Lifting High Evangelism Again
One-on-One with James Choung about evangelism and discipleship.
One-on-One with James Meeks on Going to Back to School
Meeks is pursuing an M.A. at the Wheaton College Graduate School.
Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Gospel of Shame-Free Sexuality
We can't defeat shame by whittling down God's law to fit our behavior. We need the good news of God's forgiveness instead.
Died: Yechiel Eckstein, Rabbi Who Rallied Evangelical Support for Israel
Founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews overcame longstanding tensions and brought in $140 million a year for Holy Land projects.
Half of Millennial Christians Say It’s Wrong to Evangelize
Survey finds young believers want others to know about Jesus. They just don’t want to speak up about it.
How This Dutch Congregation Pulled Off a 96-Day Service
A deeper look at how hundreds of Christians from across the Netherlands came together to worship God and protect an immigrant family from deportation.
Recovering the Good in Seasons of Lament
Our years on this earth are full of seasons—ups and downs that profoundly shape us and change the trajectory of our lives.
Our Churches Are Either Sacramental or Charismatic
The Early Church didn't make a distinction. So why do we?
Celebrities, Professors & Care-Givers: How We Lost Our Missional IQ
None of these North American pastoral archetypes prioritize mission.
China: The Continuing Enigma
It is important for the global church to understand that China matters for us all.
One-on-One with Ann Voskamp on Going to Back to School at the Wheaton College Grad School
I recently talked with author and speaker Ann Voskamp about why she is part of a grad school cohort at Wheaton College.
Be Fruitful: Challenging Yourself to Abide in Order to Bear More Fruit
The message of the love and forgiveness of God and his desire that all might find the fulfillment they are looking for in him is too important to neglect.
Next Steps for Ministry Leaders Following the GC2 Summit
Six next steps for ministry leaders who desire to humbly engage with questions surrounding sexual violence.
Move Over, Sex and Drugs. Ease Is the New Vice.
Do modern amenities make it tough for us to embody God’s love?
Reaching International Students in Our Own Backyards
An interview with key evangelical leaders.
The Bible’s Best Description of Salvation Is a Phrase We Rarely Use
How Paul points the way to a fresh way of seeing faith.
Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders
Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders
Muslims (and other minorities) shouldn’t have to elevate national ideals above faith commitments before gaining a seat at the table of citizenship.
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