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Maamoul: The Easter Sweet Loved by Muslims, Christians, and Jews
Experts debate the origin of the date- or nut-filled pastry, but Middle Eastern believers love the taste and the Good Friday symbolism in its shapes.
Good Friday’s Answers to Wounded Church Members
Christ’s crucified body holds the pain experienced by the church body.
The Story of Jesus Christ Is a True Myth
Every year, we celebrate a dying and rising God who fulfills the hopes of ages past.
Shoes Stay On for Maundy Thursday
Few Protestant traditions continue the footwashing that Jesus did at the Last Supper. Some want a revival of the practice.
How the Gaucho Stole Easter in Uruguay
More than 100 years ago, Latin America’s most secular country abolished Christian holidays. Local church leaders have struggled to reclaim them since.
Praying in the Shadow of Gethsemane
What Jesus’ midnight prayer in the garden tells us about cosmic conflict in the supernatural realm.
Died: Sandra Crouch, Gospel Artist Who Broke with Church to Get Ordained
She won a Grammy for “We Sing Praises,” collaborated with her brother Andraé on “Jesus Is the Answer,” and worked with everyone from Billy Graham to Michael Jackson.
The Myth Behind the Meaning of Paul’s Words on Women and Childbearing
Sandra Glahn studies the record of an Ephesian goddess to aid our reading of a challenging passage.
How One Indonesian Church Is Fighting Food Insecurity
In the village of Kemadang, long dry spells threatened local farmers’ livelihoods until a church-led granary brought hope.
Why Character Doesn’t Matter Anymore
The “cheerful prudery” of Ned Flanders has given way to vulgarity, misogyny, and partisanship. What does this mean for our witness?
Southern Baptists Finally Name New Executive Committee President
Seminary head Jeff Iorg steps in after multiple resignations, failed searches, and back-to-back interim leaders.
Why Every Day This Week Is Holy
Christians should celebrate from Palm to Easter Sunday—and everything in between.
Make the Internet Modest Again
We gained an audience but overexposed our souls.
Fasting from Food in a Land of Plenty
Abstaining from eating confronts the cultural lies we believe about our bodies.
Survey: US Hispanic Churches Could Do More if They Had More
Their pastors are mostly evangelical, sometimes bivocational, and eager for additional workers and funding to better serve their communities.
Let’s Not Give Up Meetings on the Church Calendar
What if we ordered our habitual gatherings around Christ and the gospel story more than twice a year?
Are the Global Methodists Evangelical?
Here’s why the new denomination may or may not fit the label.
Global Methodists Want to Check Bishops
Ahead of the first general conference, the new denomination is weighing possible limits on leaders.
The Sentence from C.S. Lewis That Could Change Your Life
Aslan is fictional, but the real Lion of Judah reminds us that we’re forgiven.
Fractured Are the Peacemakers
A Christian reconciliation group in Israel and Palestine warned that war would come. Now the war threatens their relevance.

Top Story April 18, 2024

In Secular UK, Evangelical Alliance Experiences Record Growth
In Secular UK, Evangelical Alliance Experiences Record Growth
Leader explains why the movement is seeing its biggest membership bump in 30 years and its mission for the years ahead.

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