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When the Shepherds Spy on the Sheep
In communist East Germany, the church was supposed to be a refuge from the government’s godlike gaze. But the secret police managed to bribe and flatter their way in.
Should Lebanon’s Christians Join Protests? Viral Sermons Argue Yes and No.
Confrontation at protest site forces evangelical faith from the pulpit to the public square.
How PEPFAR Galvanized Christians in the Fight to Eradicate AIDS
And why advocates say US commitment to the cause cannot let up now.
Jesus Came to Proclaim Good News to the Poor. But Now They’re Leaving Church.
The income gap in the US corresponds with a church attendance gap.
Give Thanks: US Christians’ Top Thanksgiving Verse and Hymn
We’re called to offer our thanksgiving in all circumstances—but we're especially likely to when it’s a national holiday.
Remembering Larry Hurtado, Leading Researcher of Early Christian Worship
The Edinburgh New Testament professor modeled faithful scholarship with his work on historic devotion to Jesus.
Judea, Suburbia, to the Ends of the Earth
Suburban America is a strategic mission field.
Why a Leader’s Character Is More Important than Everything Else
A careful observation through history demonstrates that the single greatest source of a church’s catastrophic implosion comes not from imperfect theology but from deficient character.
Who Watches the Watchmen? Notes on Ministry Leadership
If we are to fulfill this mission and do what a human cannot do—be the Watchman God calls us to be—then we need to finally let others watch over us. 
Pastors & Burnout: A Personal Reflection
I have felt the heat of burnout in my own experience (31 years of pastoral ministry in three churches).
All God’s Laws Are Equal. Are Some More Equal Than Others?
Why Jesus doesn’t give a straightforward answer to questions about the greatest commandment.
Old Testament Law Is a Gracious Invitation to Intimacy with GodSubscriber Access Only
Why believers shouldn’t throw it away out of embarrassment.
When Restoration HurtsSubscriber Access Only
Christian counselors grapple with how to encourage reconciliation while protecting victims.
From Foreigner to Family Member
By visiting local ICE detainees, a Denver church learned the power of faithfully showing up.
In the French Riviera, Both Arab Immigrants and Their Secular Neighbors Need Jesus
A missionary couple shares the fragrance of Christ in the perfume capital of the world.
Global Sikh Consultation: Calling Sikhs To Christ
The Global Sikh Consultation objectives were to pray, share research, share resources, and to mobilize
The Palestinian Priest Welcoming Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Jordan
How the church in the Middle East is responding to the refugee crisis.
Do I, or Anyone I Know, Have a Mental Illness?
My hope is that we in the church can understand wounds of the soul well enough that we move beyond the stigma we have associated with “mental” illness.
Half of Pastors Say the Opioid Epidemic Has Hit Their Church
The demands of addiction can go beyond typical spiritual and physical help offered by congregations.
A Sanctuary for Each Other: The Protective Power of Clergy Marriages
For couples, finding sanctuary with each other and together with God can be a source of survival in high-stress ministry environments.
Pastors Need Friends Born for Adversity
Pastors Need Friends Born for Adversity
When beloved congregants turned on me, who could I trust for advice?
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