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Bible Translators Add 400 Sign Languages to To-Do List
First finished Scripture for deaf people prompts attention to global need.
Finnish Bishop and Politician Face Trial for LGBT Statements
For the country’s diverse Lutherans, the case tests the resolve to speak up, the boundaries of tolerance, and Christians’ ability to communicate.
Evangelicals a Rising Force Inside Argentina’s Prisons
Authorities have allowed the creation of prison units effectively run by evangelical inmates.
India Blocks Foreign Funds for Mother Teresa’s Charity on Christmas
Kolkata order’s troubles come in the wake of a string of attacks on Christians by Hindu right-wing groups, who accuse pastors and churches of forced conversions.
Chinese Christian Media Ministries Face Bitter Winter of Censorship
As China’s government bans unapproved religious services, sermons, education, training, and videos online—even link sharing—starting in March, I turn to Psalm 90.
Christ Came to Disarm Rebellious Sinners, But Not to Disempower Them
A meditation on the line between good and evil that runs through each person.
Study: Church Outreach Expands to Meet Pandemic Needs
Even with lower attendance, congregations are adapting their ministries and launching new ones.
These Christmas Carols Bring Joy to the Whole World
Christian leaders and musicians in nine countries and territories share their favorite Western and local holiday tunes.
Have Christians Forgotten How to Fight with God?
The Lord wants our protest. But it seems some of us have neglected the ancient art of lamenting evil.
The Alpha and the Omicron: COVID-19 Disrupts Christmas Worship Again
From London to DC, a new variant has shifted plans for big holiday services and celebrations in 2021.
CT’s 2021 Cover Stories, Ranked
Our online readers’ favorite cover stories from last year.
12 Leaders Evangelicals Lost in 2021
Remembering theologian C. René Padilla, evangelist Luis Palau, refugee advocate Evelyn Mangham, and others.
Christianity Today in 2021: Our Top News, Reviews, Podcasts, and More
CT published 2,063 articles this year. Here’s what readers and editors liked most.
Our Favorite Christianity Today Podcasts from 2021
Here’s what the hosts say were their top shows from the past year.
CT’s Stories of 2021 That You May Have Missed
Though they didn’t set any records on our site, we think you’ll like them.
The Philippines Has the Longest Christmas Season in the World
How Christians keep Christ at the center as commercial forces extend the six-month celebration.
My Work Almost Crushed Her Family. Now I’m Welcomed at Her Table.
The former spokesperson for Ravi Zacharias reflects on a Christmas miracle that demonstrates the great hope—and great cost—of restoration.
Agency: Haiti Missionaries Made ‘Daring’ Escape to Evade Kidnappers
Christian Aid Ministries shares new details on how the remaining 12 hostage missionaries, including young children, ended up free from the 400 Mawozo gang.
Trucker Ministry Continues Amid Holiday Hustle and Bustle
While headlines warn of a driver shortage and supply chain crisis, chaplains say the demands of the industry have always been arduous.
Missionary Hostages Forgive Haiti Gang, Sang Psalm 34
“Jesus taught us by word and by his own example that the power of forgiving love is stronger than the hate of violent force,” says director of Christian Aid Ministries, which will keep working in Haiti.

Top Story January 20, 2022

The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2022
The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2022
Latest report on Christian persecution finds Nigeria has 4 out of 5 martyrs worldwide, China has 3 out of 5 church attacks, and Afghanistan is now worse than North Korea.

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