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Gallup: Fewer Than Half of Americans Belong to a Church
Coupled with the rise of religious nones, even people of faith are less likely to join a house of worship.
Kanakuk Kamps Abuse Reexamined In New Report
Eleven years later, an investigation by David and Nancy French plus a site for victims try to grasp the extent of predatory behavior by a longtime camp director.
COVID-19 and Your Church: An Interview with the CDC’s Dr. Jay Butler
Dr. Butler talks with Ed Stetzer about Covid, the church, vaccines, ethics, and the future.
The Body Keeps the Faith
Theologian says spiritual life continues despite disorientation of dementia.
ORU Basketball Fans Know to ‘Expect a Miracle’
The team behind this year’s most impressive March Madness upset carries on Oral Roberts’s legacy of embracing sports as Christian witness.
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Partner ContentBlessing Others Despite Struggling with ALS
ALS Family of Faith provides love, support, and hope for all of eternity.
SBC African American Fellowship on CRT and SBC Seminary Presidents
Black SBC leaders speak out against, "delegitimizing and dismissing the lived experiences of African Americans."
The Atlanta Shooter Targeted My Community. He Also Came from My Former Church.
An Asian American pastor grapples with grief, anger, and the evangelical response after last week’s attacks.
Five Critical Tools for Leaders Who Help Couples in Crisis
How do you help couples move from crisis to healthy conflict management?
Why I Agreed to Receive Financial Help from Someone Who Needed It Herself
My pride was blinding me to an important truth: that healthy relationships revolve around mutuality, not one-sided generosity.
Study: Today’s Pastoral Counseling Is More Fluent in Psychology
Journal documents how clergy adapted as more people turned to therapy over religion.
Will Easter Resurrect Pandemic Church Attendance? Depends on Your Tradition.
More than half of evangelicals will be back in person, but most Catholics and black and mainline Protestants are still waiting to return.
The Future of UK Apologetics: From Big Brands to Locals in Pubs
I studied with RZIM and interviewed Ravi Zacharias. I asked Alister McGrath what comes next.
Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: Caring For Your Family
How to maintain your family while traveling for ministry.
Wheaton Pulls Jim Elliot Missionary Plaque to Reword ‘Savage’ Description
The college plans to update the inscription to “reflect the full dignity” of the Waorani tribe.
Beat, Pray, Give: Catholics Want More Done for Persecuted Christians
Survey finds surge in US concern for the global church in need, in run-up to Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq.
Many Adventists in Asia and Africa Believe You Must Be Vegan to Be Saved
(UPDATED) As the church’s global growth continues, leaders must disentangle its “health message” from views on salvation.
Russell Moore: Real Christian Courage Looks like Elijah at His Most Pathetic
My caution to those who “stand for truth” by calling down “fire from heaven” upon its enemies.
Streaming in the Desert: Middle East Discipleship On-Demand
Christian broadcaster SAT-7 tries to balance security and isolation in letting the Arab world binge watch programs of hope.
The Cohabitation Dilemma Comes for America’s Pastors
More evangelicals are living together before marriage. Church leaders struggle to respond.

Top Story April 14, 2021

What Sanctification Looks Like
What Sanctification Looks Like
The Bible’s diverse narratives help us disciple those entrusted to our care.

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