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My Favorite ‘Quick to Listen’ Episodes of 2019
The hosts of Christianity Today's weekly news podcast on the episodes they won't soon forget.
How Do You Define Evangelism?
Evangelism at its simplest is the telling of the gospel. But evangelism includes not just the telling.
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining DenominationsSubscriber Access Only
The 2020 project shows shifting complexity of organized religion.
The New Face of Medical MissionsSubscriber Access Only
The missionary physicians of the 21st century will be Africans— and US missions agencies couldn’t be happier.
Gleanings: Jan/Feb 2020Subscriber Access Only
What A Church Does, in Dollars and CentsSubscriber Access Only
A sociologist explains a congregation's contributions to the local economy.
The Hidden Cost of Tax ExemptionSubscriber Access Only
Churches may someday lose their tax-exempt status. Would that be as bad as it sounds?
Billy Graham, Prince Albert, and Two Lives Changed Forever
A personal story about a hero who changes lives forever.
Who Evangelicals Lost in 2019
Remembering scholar Lamin Sanneh, theologian Jean Vanier, evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, and others.
What Do Bill Maher, Donald Miller, and John Piper Have in Common?
In different ways, God used them to lead me to Christ.
Our Lives Aren’t Conducive to Prayer. But a Better Way Is Possible.Subscriber Access Only
John Starke gives us a compelling vision of the praying life—and the practices to turn that vision into a reality.
To Touch or Not to Touch?Subscriber Access Only
In an era of anxiety about personal boundaries and sexual signals, Jesus shows us how to minster to others with care and sensitivity.
At Reinhard Bonnke’s Memorial Service, Thousands Celebrate His Massive Harvest in Africa
African and Pentecostal leaders honor German evangelist during three-hour Orlando funeral.
Gospel Fluency in a World of Improv
What is it that you long for as a pastor, evangelist, or Christian leader?
Christianity Today’s Top Testimonies of 2019
The Christian conversion stories that CT readers shared most.
Methodists Agree on Compromise to Split Denomination
There’s broad support for a new plan to allow traditional marriage proponents to leave the UMC with $25 million in funding.
Christianity Today’s 2019 Cover Stories, Ranked
Here are our print features that online readers looked at most.
Died: Lois Evans, Wife of Tony Evans, and Pastors' Wives Ministry founder
The 70-year-old Texan leaves a legacy of love and support.
Unexpected Christian Heroes
As a leader of an international prison ministry, I hear stories every day of people inside prison and those released that many would consider unexpected heroes. 
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