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The Latest Biblical Attraction: The Tower of Babel
Answers in Genesis plans a three-year expansion at its Ark Encounter site in Kentucky.
The 9 Nations Where It’s Hardest to Be a Baptist
New index finds 1 in 4 worshipers and 1 in 5 churches in Baptist World Alliance are very vulnerable to persecution and poverty.
How Thousands of Sermons Addressed the Crises of 2020
Pew analyzes how pastors across traditions preached on COVID-19, the election, and racism.
NDAs Kept These Christians Silent. Now They’re Speaking Out Against Them.
A wave of activists across countries and denominations is calling for the end to non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses.
Promise Keepers President: It’s Unacceptable If My Black Brother Is Suffering
Ken Harrison says new men’s movement will continue pursuing racial reconciliation.
My Six-Month Experiment with Christianity Turned into 12 Months, Then 24 …
How the son of a Hindu priest gradually made his peace with the “unfairness” of the Cross.
How COVID-19 Reshaped Campus Ministry
As students report high levels of anxiety and isolation in a new InterVarsity survey, ministry leaders look to small groups to provide community for Gen Z.
Ethiopian Christians Take Sides Over Tigray Crisis
As the humanitarian issues escalate in the largely Orthodox north, the conflict tests evangelicals’ loyalty and theology.
140 Nigerian Baptist Students Kidnapped in Kaduna
(UPDATED) “This is a very, very sad situation for us,” says Bethel Baptist pastor and state CAN leader whose son narrowly escaped.
I Was Sick and You Gave Me a WhatsApp Group
In India, Christian volunteers didn’t wait for churches when COVID-19 hit. The resulting Love Your Neighbor Network offers lessons for believers in other countries suffering second waves.
Do Flags Belong in Churches? Pastors Around the World Weigh In.
Christian cases for yes, no, and flying other nations’ flags as congregations balance love of God, neighbor, and country.
Nepal Churches Struggle to Serve as COVID-19 Kills 100+ Pastors
Amid a second wave of infections, Christian leaders wrestle with leadership vacuum and how openly to raise funds to aid neighbors under a suspicious government.
Evangelical Covenant Church Rebukes Doctrine Justifying Colonization of Native Land
Standing with indigenous people, leaders are also calling for a deeper look into US residential schools.
Pew: What India’s Christians, Hindus, Muslims and More Think About Religion
(UPDATED) Pew surveys 30,000 Indians across 6 faiths and 17 languages and finds support for tolerance yet also segregation.
While Southern Baptists Debate Critical Race Theory, Black Pastors Keep Hoping for Change
Frank I. Williams of the Bronx is optimistic the convention can continue to address racism and promote diversity—if leaders like him commit to being part of the solution.
First Denomination to Condemn Uyghur Muslim Genocide? Southern Baptists
Such statements that bridge faiths are rare, based on my two decades working on religious freedom. Christians need to make more.
The Church Has Ignored the Grief of First Nation Peoples Too Long
Members of my congregation poured out their stories after the recent discoveries at Canada’s residential schools. Here’s why we all should be listening.
Imagine More: Recovering a Faithful Vision for Art, Creativity, and Justice
A conversation on the redemptive power of the Christian imagination.
Francis Collins: How Christians Can Help Curb COVID-19
A conversation with the director of the National Institutes of Health.
Died: Thelma Battle Buckner, COGIC Minister and Mother of the Minnesota Gospel Twins
She led a congregation in a denomination that doesn’t believe in women in leadership, fostered more than 1,000 children, and sang the music that God taught her to play.

Top Story August 1, 2021

Bible Museum Must Send One More Artifact Back to Iraq
Bible Museum Must Send One More Artifact Back to Iraq
Update: Judge rules epic of Gilgamesh fragment belongs in Iraq.

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