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One-on-One with Jamie Aten on the Disaster Ministry Conference
Below I talk with Dr. Jamie Aten about the upcoming Disaster Ministry Conference.
Remembering Bob Buford, the Christian Leader’s Leader
Rick Warren, Matt Chandler, and other Christian leaders share how the innovative Leadership Network founder influenced their ministries.
Why I Don’t Sit With My Husband at Church
Five reasons to separate from your spouse—and sometimes your kids—on Sunday mornings.
Bob Buford, Founder of Leadership Network and Halftime, Has Died: He Was a Catalyst that Fostered a Movement
Meet one of the most influential, but least known, church leaders: Bob Buford.
Ralph Winter’s Missions Campus Secures a Buyer
Pasadena property of former US Center for World Mission will become an international boarding school, pending a final sale next year.
Why Has It Become Harder To Stock the Church Planter Pipeline?
It’s become more difficult to recruit church planters today compared to the recent past
The Humble Leader
Leadership is often very humbling, and leadership is most dangerous when it ceases to be.
Beth Moore: My 5 Keys to Accountability
In this celebrity culture, it’s easy for a servant to lose her way. These few habits keep our eyes on Jesus.
This Week, Speak the Name of Andrew Brunson, A Persecuted Brother in Turkey
Please join us in standing with Brunson’s family and home church in lifting the name of Andrew Brunson to the God he serves.
Preaching on Racism from the 'White' Pulpit: Reflections from David Platt’s Talk at T4G
The learning curve in this conversation about race is steep and more complex than the Black-White binary. And because of that, it can become emotionally exhausting for all of us.
20 Truths from Leading Major Change in Your Ministry
God has an amazing capacity to use leaders in their present situation
Jack Deere Went Through Hell to Come to Faith
The theologian’s memoir is refreshingly raw about the wounds he’s suffered—and the wounds he’s inflicted.
Some (Recent) History of Church Planting – Two Startup Models
As long as the Kingdom of God is being built, we can be thankful for diversity in approaches.
The Sacred Gift of Selfies
Craig Detweiler sees spiritual significance underneath the stereotypes.
Bill Hybels Resigns from Willow Creek
Megachurch pastor “accelerates” October retirement weeks after former colleagues went public with misconduct allegations.
One-on-One with Eric Geiger: Why Are Leaders Ruining Their Lives?
A timely book as leaders are stepping away from their roles due to moral failure or accusations of moral failure.
Engaging Culture Well: How to Share Your Faith Critically and Contextually Today
How to speak truth and trust God to change hearts and minds.
God's Joy, Our Joy: How Sharing Our Faith Changes Everything
Here is Jesus’ promise: Come harvest time, the vine and the branches will both share in fullness of joy.
One-on-One with Michael Moynagh on “Church in Life”
Finding simple ways to follow Jesus alongside other Christians.
China Bans Bibles from Online Sellers Like Amazon
As atheist government pledges to promote “Chinese-style Christianity and theology,” changes at, Taobao, and Dang Dang may revive debate over Bible access.
Top Story April 25, 2018
Rwanda Weeds the Church Plants
Rwanda Weeds the Church Plants
Thousands of churches closed in attempt to curb bad buildings—and bad preaching.
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