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5 Ways Nonbelievers Are Drawn to God Without Knowing It
How the Bible’s doctrine of humanity gives us hope for reaching even the hardest of hearts.
The Great Commission’s Greatest Hits
Alice T. Ott identifies the pivotal moments in Christianity’s global expansion.
William Lane Craig Explores the Headwaters of the Human Race
The philosopher and theologian ventures a new hypothesis on Genesis, human origins, and the historical Adam.
Francis Collins: How Christians Can Help Curb COVID-19
A conversation with the director of the National Institutes of Health.
Church History Is a Beautiful Melody Imperfectly Performed
How the message of Christ resonated through the centuries, even at moments when his followers failed to keep the tune.
Jemar Tisby: Three Words Should Guide Our Pursuit of Racial Justice
In his latest book, the “Color of Compromise” author turns from the lessons of history to the proper Christian response.
Les questions d’identité de genre ne doivent pas nous effrayer
Preston Sprinkle propose des orientations pour penser de manière biblique et écouter avec amour.
Michael Lindsay: Our Lives Are Full of ‘Hinge Moments.’ Here’s How We Can Pray and Prepare.
The incoming Taylor University president outlines a faith-filled, Spirit-guided approach to life’s biggest transitions.
Reading God’s Word like a Poem, Not an Instruction Manual
The Bible teaches us, says Matthew Mullins, but its method of teaching always entails more than information and guidance.
The Best Advice on Engaging Muslims, from Arab Evangelical Scholars
Diverse anthology of current Christian research on Islam, the Quran, and Muhammad suggests biblically-faithful paths for better engagement beyond polemics or dialogue.
Gender-Identity Conversations Don’t Have to Be Scary
Preston Sprinkle gives guidance on thinking biblically and listening in love.
Ordinary Life Is Crammed with Heaven
How our senses can point the way to God’s presence.
Our Attraction to Idols Remains the Same, Even When the Names Change
How false worship today resembles false worship in the Old Testament.
God Called Me to Encourage Fellow Black Students in White Coats
CCCU Young Alumni Award winner discusses how diversity in medicine improves care for the most vulnerable.
Bringing Hope and Healing to a War-Torn Homeland, One Footstep at a Time
Why one Congolese refugee believes shoes are a key ingredient for broader change.
The Bible Makes a Fashion Statement
Theologian Robert Covolo encourages Christians to take matters of dress and style more seriously.
How Churches Elevate and Protect Abusive Pastors
A psychologist explores the power dynamics that help turn shepherds into wolves.
Pursuing Racial Justice Requires More Than Lament, but Never Less
How the sharing of prayer and pain leads to trust—and then to change.
Politics Has a Strong Grip on Our Hearts. The Gospel’s Grip Should Be Stronger.
How the church can shape public policy without losing its soul.
Your Unbelieving Friends Need More Stories Than Syllogisms
Why serving up a diet of hard, rationalistic Christianity might be counterproductive.

Top Story December 6, 2021

The Prolific Deceivers at the Heart of ‘Roe v. Wade’
The Prolific Deceivers at the Heart of ‘Roe v. Wade’
A journalist pieces together the messy lives of Norma McCorvey, her family, and other central figures from the case.

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