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"Nation's Religious Leaders Urge Calm, Pray for Peace"
Churches will maintain prayer vigils for victims and leaders
Church Leaders Around World Deplore 'Unspeakable Horror' of Attack
Christians urged to unite in prayer as they unite in shock and denunciation.
In the Belly of the Beast
"Christians, calling terrorist attack satanically brilliant, minister at epicenter of World Trade disaster"
"Churches, Agencies Respond to Attacks"
"Leaders call for prayer, justice, and mercy"
A Wake-Up Call to Become Global Christians
"The deadly attacks on America will provoke many responses, but Christians are commanded to love our neighbors."
Christians Provide Comfort in the Shadow of Calamity
"Still stunned and reeling, New Yorkers seek support at prayer service"
Shaken Christians Turn to Prayer
"Impromptu services usher in the bereaved by word of mouth, road signs, and e-mail"
Illinois Pastor on Fatal Flight
"Jeffrey Mladenik, 43, was involved in workplace ministry, international adoption."
Communication Troubles Challenge U.S. Church Relief Agencies
"Aid work continues amid atmosphere of shock, fear, and sporatic harrassment."
'Is That Thunder?'
"With metal cracking at the World Trade Center, New York pastors cry out to God."
Churches Meet Needs at Ground Zero
"Brooklyn pastors and parishioners thank God for survival, but help victims and families cope."
Church Mourns 'Father Frank'
Fond memories comfort those who knew retired priest killed in World Trade Center attack.
Orthodox Church Near Ground Zero Hopes to Rise Again
"Members hope to rebuild 169-year-old structure, which stood only 500 feet from the World Trade Center"
Fire Department Chaplain Dies in the Line of Duty
Father Mike is remembered for compassion and always being first on the scene.
The Legacy of Prisoner 23226
Twenty-six years after leaving prison, Charles Colson has become one of America's most significant social reformers
Solitary Refinement
Evangelical assumptions about singleness still need rethinking
Tangled in the Worst of the Web
What Internet porn did to one pastor, his wife, his ministry, their life
Anonymous Are the Peacemakers
For the past century, the Nobel Peace Prize has spotlighted those who work for fraternity among the nations. But strife and warfare are often thwarted by Christians working quietly and prayerfully.
Community Is Their Middle Name
As Willow Creek Community Church turns 25, it is bigger than ever, drawing 17,000 a weekend. But what really makes Willow tick is what comes after the seeker services.
We Can Overcome
A CT forum examines the subtle nature of the church's racial division—and offers hope.

Top Story July 20, 2024

In Pennsylvania, Locals Remember Corey Comperatore’s ‘Greater Love’
In Pennsylvania, Locals Remember Corey Comperatore’s ‘Greater Love’
Communities surrounding Trump’s rally site feel the shock of the tragic shooting.

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