Foolish Things

Stan Guthrie

Stan Guthrie is an editor at large for Christianity Today and author of Missions in the Third Millennium and All That Jesus Asks. His column, "Foolish Things," ran from 2006 to 2007.

Missionary MythsSubscriber Access Only
Why the Great Commission still applies.
Ancient Parable, Urgent TimeSubscriber Access Only
We face a challenge of both global and spiritual proportions.
We're Not FinishedSubscriber Access Only
Abortion is not simply one item on our social agenda.
Why Evangelize the Jews?Subscriber Access Only
God's chosen people need Jesus as much as we do.
A Hole in Our HolismSubscriber Access Only
Why evangelicals might be shy about sharing their faith.
Answering the AtheistsSubscriber Access Only
A Reader's Digest version of why I am a Christian.
When Red Is BlueSubscriber Access Only
Why I am not a Red-Letter Christian.
Stumbling After JesusSubscriber Access Only
The Christian life was never meant to be a cakewalk.
Don't Cede the High GroundSubscriber Access Only
Our abortion views don't rest on sociological data.
Living with the Darwin FishSubscriber Access Only
Why the discovery of yet another 'missing link' doesn't destroy my faith.
The Scandal of ForgivenessSubscriber Access Only
Want to shock your neighbors? Try forgiving them.
Worth ProtectingSubscriber Access Only
It's hard to see the humanity of tiny embryos if we live by blind faith.
Sit Down, Sit Down for Jesus?Subscriber Access Only
Contrary to rumor, the culture wars aren't over. Nor should they be.
I Was a Violent Klansman Who Deserved to Die
I Was a Violent Klansman Who Deserved to Die
Yet at the height of my segregationist fervor, God showed me mercy.
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