This week on Be Afraid, we break the fourth wall, moving from the world of horror fiction to the world of nonfiction. As we do, we consider the real stuff, the stuff movies are made of, the stuff horror movies are made of. By examining the phenomenon of real-world exorcisms, we ask how it is that we can be both skeptical and scared.

Joining us this week:
David Taylor is associate professor of theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary.
Rob Clark is the minister to youth and children at University Place Presbyterian Church.
Coltan Scrivner is a behavioral scientist and the author of a forthcoming book exploring our morbid sense of curiosity.

Resources referenced:
Planet Weird’s YouTube video of Anneliese Michel, the real Emily Rose
God’s Wider Presence, Robert K. Johnston
Born Believers, Justin L. Barrett
Washington Post article about the trial of Anneliese Michel’s parents and priests.

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